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Spotify is giving Premium subscribers a free Google Home Mini

Spotify is one of those services that has really impressed people and kept up with the demands of people. They have even recently began allowing the ability for Spotify artists to see how many listeners they have in real time. The most interesting thing about this business however, is that sometimes they’ll connect with other major tech companies in order to come up with some great deals for their customers. We have Hulu and Spotify deals when they come together, and now we have a Spotify deal that will give you a Google product for free.

Why are you getting a free Google Home Mini?

A lot of people buy Spotify cards because they simply love listening to the music. Spotify is offering the previous version of Google Home Mini for free to it’s Premium subscribers to make it easy for you to enjoy your music at home with great ease. While this is not the newest Mini from Google, which is the Nest Mini, it’s still a great offer. After all, it’s free and you can’t really beat that.Spotify Thumbnail Image

Is it possible to get this deal now?

According to Spotify, they are going to keep the deal active until November 15th. That being said, it’s while supplies last. So if you want your hands on this deal, you need to act as fast as possible as it might not be live for a very long time. It’s still a great thing to have and more of an incentive to use Spotify.

How can you get this deal?

You need to visit the Spotify website and login. Create your account and then you can choose if you want an Individual or a Family plan. Then you’ll have the Google Mini reserved for you as long as they still have some available. Keep in mind that the process can be tricky because the website is obviously getting lots of requests. So it might take up to 30 minutes to actively complete the process. One thing to note is that you will receive an email that will link you to the Google Store. You will have a discount applied that makes the Google Mini free. From there, you can have it shipped to your home in a few days. This is a US only deal, so you can’t get it anywhere else. That being said, it’s still an amazing deal if you want to get a Mini. Granted, it’s not the latest version, but it’s still a good Mini!

Amazon Spending Billions to Create Prime One Day Delivery

Amazon is constantly trying to improve their business, and now they’re innovating in ways we haven’t ever seen before. This is great for them as well as their customers because it brings them significant benefits that other companies just can’t compete with. And that’s why we’re getting Amazon cards, after all. One of Amazon’s main focuses right now is to create its own (even quicker) shipping approach. They are also currently looking to implement their cashierless technology in movie theaters.

Why is this a problem?

Based on Amazon, it seems that the fulfillment and shipping costs of one-day shipping are much higher. Up to 50% more shipping and fulfillment has been done by the company in the past 3 months, which comes out to around $9.6 billion in shipping alone. This also includes its Amazon Thumbnail Imageexpansion in the logistics business since they’re trying to create their own one day delivery system without having to rely on third parties. Customers obviously enjoy the idea of having the two day delivery during the busy seasons go from 2 days down to 1. That means investing a lot in its logistics, which is not only an important aspect of their business but also their new venture into one day shipping. Obviously doing that type of thing is not going to be an easy task to achieve, but they’re hoping all their hard work will pay off substantially in the future.

Will this expansion happen?

Amazon relies on people continually buying more and more stuff, and they also rely on customers wanting their products as fast as possible. There’s an urgency to receive the product quickly, Amazon knows that and that’s why they are actively investing in this. Amazon is also working with using drones for delivery, and anything else that may speed up the delivery process. It’s clear that the company is constantly trying to improve, and customers are bound to reap the benefits. I mean, who doesn’t want to order something while sitting on the couch at night and have it waiting for them when they get up the next morning? In some regions, Amazon already delivers the same day, in as quickly as a few hours. So they already know this can be done. It’s simply trying to figure out how to expand this to every location. It’s a great opportunity for Amazon to make customers even happier than they already are with them. And while it’s a major investment for them, there’s no doubt it’ll be worth it. There’s a reason why so many people flock to Amazon to make their purchases. People love getting the items they buy as quickly as possible. Now there will soon be even more of reason to choose Amazon for your online shopping!

Hulu’s Offline Download Comes to Android

We all love to buy Hulu cards and having access to this great system is an exciting experience. But at the same time, you do have your own share of challenges to deal with. One of them is the fact that, at least on Android, there’s no good and proper way to have offline downloads for Hulu. Now it seems they are finally offering that feature to their customers.

How do the offline downloads work?

The thing we need to realize here is that only those that pay $11.99 per month will have access to this feature. While it’s not a deal breaker, it’s important to know that the ad-based price point won’t get any offline downloads. But if you have that option, you will be able to save shows and movies that you can watch later. There will be a download button near the episode you want to save, and that’s a very fun way to keep content on your tablet or computer if you want.

Are there limitations?

There are some limits, as you might imagine. You can download up to 25 titles across 5 devices. You have 30 days in total to play the content, but if you started to watch something then you have to finish it in 2 days. They do allow you to renew the expired content if you go back online. The problem is that you are limited, but they obviously do this in order to avoid piracy and other problems that would be connected to this.

What about video quality?

Based on what we say, the video quality will be either standard or high. Standard will be a faster download and it will not take as much storage space. Obviously the higher resolution will look better, but it requires more space and bandwidth to download. It makes sense to get some Hulu cards now so that you can download this type of content and finally enjoy it even if you’re offline. Combined with the new like and dislike system, Hulu clearly focuses on offering a better user experience and they are bound to bring in a whole lot more efficiency and value for money. Hulu is also stating that more updates and improvements are on the way, so we will definitely be quite impressed with the features they are bringing to the table in the near future!

Fortnite Chapter 2 is Finally Here

Let’s face it, a lot of people were worried when Fortnite suddenly went offline for a few days recently. But it all was to prepare us for spending on some PSN cards and Xbox cards. Yes, Fortnite is now in its Chapter 2, and it actually has a new map as well as some other cool new features as well.

Why did the game do this?

They wanted to do something different as they do with every event. What really matters here is that they went with a new island which is wilder and definitely more untamed than its predecessor. There are less cities and urban locales. What you do have is lots of water, boats, not to mention you can also fish now. There are some other cool activities scattered all over the map. It’s definitely more rewarding and interesting, but also denser and larger when compared to the previous map.

Finally, we can swim

When it comes to Fortnite, a lot of people wanted to swim but the original map didn’t have that. Now the water is deeper and there’s more of it, so you do have swimming, pogo sticks as well as some really nice hover boats. These are all great additions because the game is less stale and you have some new ways to combat your enemies. They also brought in some new emotes, not to mention we have a common rocket launcher and a new semi automatic pistol. Of course, we’ll need PSN cards and Xbox cards for the new Battle Pass. This is pretty much the same old stuff, with some new things like the blue blob creature skin and so on. They did include a system to help you get experience by doing stuff, which is actually not a bad idea at all. You can also acquire 1500 vbucks if you complete goals. Overall, it’s safe to say that Fortnite did require some new content and this refresh is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s actually quite fun. There’s so much new stuff that even Fortnite veterans are finding this refreshing and a great change of pace!

iTunes Featured Customer of the Week – Mohamed

This week, we are featuring Mohamed from Egypt! We sent him some questions to learn a bit about what he loves most about iTunes, and how he’s using our iTunes cards.

How old are you, and where are you located? 

I’m 31 and live in Egypt.

Tell us something special or unique about where you live, or why you like it? 

We have one of the Seven Wonders of the World here 🙂 I love it!

What is your favorite product you have purchased on iTunes, and why? 

My favorite products are iTunes Cards and buying new weapons in the games I play.iTunes Thumbnail Image

Do you have any subscriptions on iTunes? If so, which services, and how do you like to use them? 

Yes, I have a subscription to Cloud Storage, and use it for its storage capabilities.

Why do you choose the US iTunes Store instead of the local option available to you? 

The US iTunes store has many more options for apps and services compared to the local one.

How did you find out about the US iTunes Store? Do your friends and family shop there as well? 

I found the US iTunes store online. None of my friends or family currently shop there, but I will definitely recommend MyGiftCardSupply to my friends and family. Make sure to check out our Egypt US iTunes Card page.

How did you find MyGiftCardSupply, and what is your favorite thing about this service?

I also found MyGiftCardSupply online. My favorite thing is the ability to purchase US iTunes Cards.

What kinds of things do you like to do for fun? 

I really like playing games.  

Thank you Mohamed for participating in MyGiftCardSupply’s iTunes Customer of the Week! 

All of Mohamed’s friends and family can use the coupon “MOHAMED5OFF” to get 5% OFF on their next purchase on our site!

Steam will soon let you play local multiplayer games over the internet

If you want to make the most out of a Steam purchases, make sure to get your Steam cards. And you’ll definitely need even more of those cards as soon as Steam implements its new set of features. Apparently, the primary focus for Steam right now is to add in even more great features for players, and that will include a way to play local multiplayer games over the Internet.

Why is this happening?

Steam is actively trying to add more features when compared to the Epic Games Store, and this feature has been asked for for quite some time. A lot of people play local multiplayer games, so having a way to connect with others as you prepare to play your favorite games is something Steam Thumbnail Imagemany are looking for. It’s a fun approach to engage with others as you play your favorite games. It makes a lot of sense to add such a feature as people have been requesting it for a very long time. The technology is already there according to the Steam representatives, they just have to test it a bit more to ensure that it’s good for prime time. And once that is done, it should be easy to use and readily accessible.

Developers won’t have to do much work

On Steam’s dedicated feature page, they are saying that the feature will work automatically with any local multiplayer, split screen, and local coop game. That’s great, it will still function like a local coop game, but you can have your friends come from the internet and play along. That’s a nice addition for Steam. They have been on a roll lately trying to add more features. It’s clear that the pressure and competition from Epic is pushing them to innovate. While the pressure is definitely on, it’s nice to see all these features come together and bring so much more value to their platform. We believe that a lot of people will find Steam’s new feature great, so preparing those Steam cards ready for this to be launched!

Apple’s Siri can now play music through Spotify

We are accustomed to getting Spotify cards and iTunes cards, but the reality is that until now there was no real way to use these two services together. Apparently Apple is trying all sorts of new ideas, and Spotify is also trying to support them in the best possible way that they can. Spotify is now rolling out Siri support and a new dedicated app for Apple TV. This brings about some pretty impressive benefits.

Spotify’s focus on offering better Apple support

The new app and its features are now rolling out to all users. Some of them are pretty interesting features. For example, some of the features will automatically add Spotify on the data saver mode when you’re activating the low data mode on the device.Apple Music Thumbnail Image Siri support is great too, now you can also control the Spotify app via Siri which is something people have wanted for quite a long time. Spotify has also added a feature where Spotify artists can now see how many listeners they have in real time.

Great new Apple TV App

People have also been waiting for a very long time to get a good Apple TV app for their Spotify account, and now they are finally bringing it to the table. The app can be acquired via the tvOS. The company is also trying to revise Spotify for iPad features a little bit, although they are missing the animated album art and other similar features. That’s not a major issue, but that version is definitely inferior to the other ones found out there. It’s nice to see that we can finally put those iTunes cards and Spotify cards to good use. Being able to access new features and new apps for Spotify is a great idea. There will always be demanding situations and challenges as you try to get the best possible experience. Spotify does a stellar job with this approach because they eliminate the hassle and finally brings more control to its users. Accessing Spotify on Apple devices has been a bit of a chore for some particular devices, but now things are looking up. They still have a little bit more work to pour into this, but it will be worth it!

Google Shopping Gets New Design

Google is always trying to improve its services for customers and frankly, they do a pretty great job at it. There are still some challenges here and there, but for the most part you’ll find Google Play cards to be a great investment since they are constantly making nice improvements. You can buy movies, books, apps and more all with your Google Play cards. Be sure to read What can you buy with Google Play Cards to get a full idea of all that you can purchase.

The new redesign is live in the US

Right now the redesign of the Google Shopping page is live in the US both on desktop and mobile applications. Some of the added stuff includes the Google Lens feature for acquiring outfits, price tracking, and a new homepage with personalized features. The homepage is designed to be fully personalized based on your own needs and will also alert you on specific products that might be suitable for you.Google Play Thumbnail Image On top of that, the new redesign also comes with support for Google Express, which is the local delivery service for the company. They are focused on offering a unified place to shop. You simply have to search for the item that you’re looking for and then they’ll deliver it as fast as possible.

Dedicated price tracker

With Google Shopping you will also have a new price tracker that helps you track items you’re currently looking for. If they become available or become available at a lower price, you’ll receive an automatic notification. This certainly is a great new feature, and it will offer you some amazing benefits and tremendous value, if you do it right. As we mentioned earlier, they are changing how Google Lens works. You need to take a picture of a clothing piece, and they will also show a Get Style Inspiration menu. Here you will get to see the type of clothing options that people are wearing and how everything is adapted and adjusted. Google is trying to double down on their shopping experience in the US. It’s definitely a great set of features to have, and people are going to be quite interested in it. You’ll definitely want to give it a shot as you prepare your Google Play cards to shop through them. The shopping world is always crowded, but the fact that Google is working hard to boost its presence here shows that there is money to be made for sure. And that’s definitely something to consider. Google is a prestigious company, and this new feature is pretty impressive!

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