Apple’s Siri can now play music through Spotify

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We are accustomed to getting Spotify cards and iTunes cards, but the reality is that until now there was no real way to use these two services together. Apparently Apple is trying all sorts of new ideas, and Spotify is also trying to support them in the best possible way that they can. Spotify is now rolling out Siri support and a new dedicated app for Apple TV. This brings about some pretty impressive benefits.

Spotify’s focus on offering better Apple support

The new app and its features are now rolling out to all users. Some of them are pretty interesting features. For example, some of the features will automatically add Spotify on the data saver mode when you’re activating the low data mode on the device.Apple Music Thumbnail Image

Siri support is great too, now you can also control the Spotify app via Siri which is something people have wanted for quite a long time. Spotify has also added a feature where Spotify artists can now see how many listeners they have in real time.

Great new Apple TV App

People have also been waiting for a very long time to get a good Apple TV app for their Spotify account, and now they are finally bringing it to the table. The app can be acquired via the tvOS. The company is also trying to revise Spotify for iPad features a little bit, although they are missing the animated album art and other similar features. That’s not a major issue, but that version is definitely inferior to the other ones found out there.

It’s nice to see that we can finally put those iTunes cards and Spotify cards to good use. Being able to access new features and new apps for Spotify is a great idea. There will always be demanding situations and challenges as you try to get the best possible experience. Spotify does a stellar job with this approach because they eliminate the hassle and finally brings more control to its users. Accessing Spotify on Apple devices has been a bit of a chore for some particular devices, but now things are looking up. They still have a little bit more work to pour into this, but it will be worth it!

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