Spotify artists can now see how many listeners they have in real time

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It makes sense to prepare your Spotify cards every month, as the platform always provides immediate access to the best music out there.  But aside from offering users a great experience, Spotify is also trying to make things even better for artists too.

What should you know about Spotify’s new idea?

They are redesigning Spotify for Artist’s application. This app will help artists learn more about how many people play and listen to their music. They even offer real time information, which is a first for this platform. Having a redesigned app is great because they do bring in front more Spotify Thumbnail Imagefeatures and creativity for their music creators.

On top of that, artists can learn more about milestones in general. That means gaining new followers, being added to playlists and so on. Until now, this information was rather general and certainly not presented in a very good manner. That’s what really makes Spotify stand out here. Spotify constantly pushes the boundaries and it delivers something new and professional all the time. And in this case, it’s a set of features that will really be appreciated by artists.

It’s a response to the Apple Music Analytics feature

However, Spotify didn’t come up with this feature out of nowhere. What they want to do is provide a similar set of features to Apple Music. That platform has already started to share its own set of ideas and benefits for customers, and it’s also another really good option. There are going to be issues as you try to implement and adapt all those features in a creative manner, but in the end it’s a very comprehensive system and it has the potential to work well for every customer.

The new Spotify feature for artists is creative and powerful, but also professional. If you are interested in knowing your status and how many people listen to you (even in real time), Spotify has you covered!

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