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Toss a Coin to your Witcher available on Spotify and Apple Music

At the end of last year The Witcher TV series managed to impress people from all over the world with its great content and tremendous value. But the cool thing is that now, if you buy iTunes cards and Spotify cards, you will be able to stream the amazing music from it on Apple Music and Spotify.

Toss a Coin to Your Witcher became a global phenomenon

As soon as people listened to this song, they became obsessed. The interesting thing about the Toss a Coin to Your Witcher song is that it’s Spotify thumbnailreally catchy, a lot of fun and very appealing. Thankfully we have more than just this song, we have the whole score, which is a great thing for everyone interested in this series. John Batey, the actor that plays Jaskier the bard stated the song was catchy even for him while it was prepared. And we can imagine why, it’s something very different than what we usually see. Every time something new and cool like this appears, it ends up catching the world by storm and in the end it’s just nice to see how everything is coming together in a clever and wonderful manner.

Netflix was caught by surprise

Let’s face it, Netflix expected the show to be a success, but at the same time they also didn’t see the success of this song. They maybe thought some people would like it, but the success is certainly overwhelming. And that’s great for the cast and for the series itself. Apparently Netflix is very happy with the success of the series and they are set to bring in more and more content like this to the table. Which is what really matters in the end. Apparently The Witcher has reached more than 79 million households all over the world. On top of that, Season 2 is on the way, but it might arrive in 2021 and not this year. It’s still something really cool to explore and check out, and hopefully there will be many more seasons to continue this amazing first season and its story. It’s still cool to see all these things come together so nicely, and if you love the song you can get your iTunes cards and Spotify cards!

Spotify artists can now see how many listeners they have in real time

It makes sense to prepare your Spotify cards every month, as the platform always provides immediate access to the best music out there.  But aside from offering users a great experience, Spotify is also trying to make things even better for artists too.

What should you know about Spotify’s new idea?

They are redesigning Spotify for Artist’s application. This app will help artists learn more about how many people play and listen to their music. They even offer real time information, which is a first for this platform. Having a redesigned app is great because they do bring in front more Spotify Thumbnail Imagefeatures and creativity for their music creators. On top of that, artists can learn more about milestones in general. That means gaining new followers, being added to playlists and so on. Until now, this information was rather general and certainly not presented in a very good manner. That’s what really makes Spotify stand out here. Spotify constantly pushes the boundaries and it delivers something new and professional all the time. And in this case, it’s a set of features that will really be appreciated by artists.

It’s a response to the Apple Music Analytics feature

However, Spotify didn’t come up with this feature out of nowhere. What they want to do is provide a similar set of features to Apple Music. That platform has already started to share its own set of ideas and benefits for customers, and it’s also another really good option. There are going to be issues as you try to implement and adapt all those features in a creative manner, but in the end it’s a very comprehensive system and it has the potential to work well for every customer. The new Spotify feature for artists is creative and powerful, but also professional. If you are interested in knowing your status and how many people listen to you (even in real time), Spotify has you covered!

Spotify Lite App for Android

When you hear about streaming music you always want to prepare your Spotify cards so you can pay for this amazing service. And the great thing now is that Spotify developers thought about people without a lot of space on their device. Spotify is launching Spotify Lite, a tool designed to occupy only 10 MB of space on your mobile device. This comes at the same time as testing is being done for Spotify’s new car assistant.

Why is this important?

While you can still use Spotify cards with this, the thing that has changed is the fact that you can set a data limit and also receive a notification Spotify Thumbnail Imagewhen that limit is reached. Whether we like it or not, it’s important to remember that not everyone has the best Internet. And that means a lot of people are limited in this regard. What you can do at this time is to find a tool to consume less data, and Spotify Lite helps with that. Not only is this a smaller download (10% of the regular size), you also have bandwidth-saving features that can really make a difference as well. Another thing to note is that you can control the song cache and clear it with just a quick tap, in case you have storage issues.

Where can you get Spotify Lite?

At this time you’ll only be able to download the Spotify Lite app in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. 36 countries in total have availability to the app, but more will have it in the near future. In order to use the Lite version you need Android 4.3 or higher. According to Spotify, this tool is designed to complement the regular app. So you can check out the Lite and Regular version, then choose which one works best for your needs. Instagram, Facebook and Uber all have Lite versions, so it made sense to have a Lite option for Spotify. And it seems to work great, hopefully it will arrive on more markets real soon!

Spotify’s New Library Helps With Podcast Discovery

We all like our Spotify cards because we get to pay less for this service and you get an amazing range of value and quality. That being said, Spotify has recently turned its focus to podcasts. Spotify’s new library update is rolling out and now you’ll have the podcast section right next to your music. As a result, it will be much easier to find and listen to podcasts. Podcasts is a service that a lot of people have on Spotify, but don’t really use as much. So Spotify is trying to change that.

The new library design is currently in testing in the US

One thing to keep in mind is that this new design is still being tested, so while it’s rolling out, only select users have access to it. The feature allows you to check episodes, download podcasts, listen to them on the go, and browse shows.Spotify Podcast Discovery Thumbnail This new layout encourages customers to listen to podcasts, as well as their own music. But you won’t have to worry about podcasts taking over your experience, you can still stick to your music and not visit podcasts, if that’s not your thing. However, since a lot more people are listening to podcasts on Spotify, they wanted to make things easier for them.

Spotify is betting heavily on the podcast game

Apparently, Spotify is spending around $500 million this year solely on Podcasts. It acquired Gimlet Media which is widely known in the podcast industry and they are working with Luminary and Apple to become the main place for podcast listening. This should enhance podcast discoverability and make it easier to support your favorite podcast creators. Plus, the more people that can access podcasts, the better it is for everyone. Spotify wants to simplify the way people access podcasts on their platform. They want to make their process as simple and convenient as possible. Doing this can potentially bring some problems, but with the right approach it’ll make it much more efficient. Sure there are bound to be some challenges, but Spotify is definitely testing everything thoroughly to ensure that their new interface and feature will be pristine for its customers. And for all you Hulu lovers out there, Spotify Premium now includes Hulu at no extra cost!

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