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Spotify artists can now see how many listeners they have in real time

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It makes sense to prepare your Spotify cards every month, as the platform always provides immediate access to the best music out there.  But aside from offering users a great experience, Spotify is also trying to make things even better for artists too. What should you know about Spotify’s new idea? They are redesigning Spotify […]

Gift Card of the Week – Spotify 30

We will now be featuring one card per week at a discounted price! This week we’re featuring our Spotify $30 Cards You can purchase them with a 10% discount until Sunday (10/6) These cards have no expiration date Get them while you can!  

Spotify Lite App for Android

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When you hear about streaming music you always want to prepare your Spotify cards so you can pay for this amazing service. And the great thing now is that Spotify developers thought about people without a lot of space on their device. Spotify is launching Spotify Lite, a tool designed to occupy only 10 MB […]

Spotify’s New Library Helps With Podcast Discovery

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We all like our Spotify cards because we get to pay less for this service and you get an amazing range of value and quality. That being said, Spotify has recently turned its focus to podcasts. Spotify’s new library update is rolling out and now you’ll have the podcast section right next to your music. […]