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Google Shopping Gets New Design

Google is always trying to improve its services for customers and frankly, they do a pretty great job at it. There are still some challenges here and there, but for the most part you’ll find Google Play cards to be a great investment since they are constantly making nice improvements. You can buy movies, books, apps and more all with your Google Play cards. Be sure to read What can you buy with Google Play Cards to get a full idea of all that you can purchase.

The new redesign is live in the US

Right now the redesign of the Google Shopping page is live in the US both on desktop and mobile applications. Some of the added stuff includes the Google Lens feature for acquiring outfits, price tracking, and a new homepage with personalized features. The homepage is designed to be fully personalized based on your own needs and will also alert you on specific products that might be suitable for you.Google Play Thumbnail Image On top of that, the new redesign also comes with support for Google Express, which is the local delivery service for the company. They are focused on offering a unified place to shop. You simply have to search for the item that you’re looking for and then they’ll deliver it as fast as possible.

Dedicated price tracker

With Google Shopping you will also have a new price tracker that helps you track items you’re currently looking for. If they become available or become available at a lower price, you’ll receive an automatic notification. This certainly is a great new feature, and it will offer you some amazing benefits and tremendous value, if you do it right. As we mentioned earlier, they are changing how Google Lens works. You need to take a picture of a clothing piece, and they will also show a Get Style Inspiration menu. Here you will get to see the type of clothing options that people are wearing and how everything is adapted and adjusted. Google is trying to double down on their shopping experience in the US. It’s definitely a great set of features to have, and people are going to be quite interested in it. You’ll definitely want to give it a shot as you prepare your Google Play cards to shop through them. The shopping world is always crowded, but the fact that Google is working hard to boost its presence here shows that there is money to be made for sure. And that’s definitely something to consider. Google is a prestigious company, and this new feature is pretty impressive!

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