Hulu’s Offline Download Comes to Android

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We all love to buy Hulu cards and having access to this great system is an exciting experience. But at the same time, you do have your own share of challenges to deal with. One of them is the fact that, at least on Android, there’s no good and proper way to have offline downloads for Hulu. Now it seems they are finally offering that feature to their customers.

How do the offline downloads work?

The thing we need to realize here is that only those that pay $11.99 per month will have access to this feature. While it’s not a deal breaker, it’s important to know that the ad-based price point won’t get any offline downloads. But if you have that option, you will be able to save shows and movies that you can watch later. There will be a download button near the episode you want to save, and that’s a very fun way to keep content on your tablet or computer if you want.

Are there limitations?

There are some limits, as you might imagine. You can download up to 25 titles across 5 devices. You have 30 days in total to play the content, but if you started to watch something then you have to finish it in 2 days. They do allow you to renew the expired content if you go back online. The problem is that you are limited, but they obviously do this in order to avoid piracy and other problems that would be connected to this.

What about video quality?

Based on what we say, the video quality will be either standard or high. Standard will be a faster download and it will not take as much storage space. Obviously the higher resolution will look better, but it requires more space and bandwidth to download.

It makes sense to get some Hulu cards now so that you can download this type of content and finally enjoy it even if you’re offline. Combined with the new like and dislike system, Hulu clearly focuses on offering a better user experience and they are bound to bring in a whole lot more efficiency and value for money. Hulu is also stating that more updates and improvements are on the way, so we will definitely be quite impressed with the features they are bringing to the table in the near future!

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