Spotify is giving Premium subscribers a free Google Home Mini

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Spotify is one of those services that has really impressed people and kept up with the demands of people. They have even recently began allowing the ability for Spotify artists to see how many listeners they have in real time. The most interesting thing about this business however, is that sometimes they’ll connect with other major tech companies in order to come up with some great deals for their customers. We have Hulu and Spotify deals when they come together, and now we have a Spotify deal that will give you a Google product for free.

Why are you getting a free Google Home Mini?

A lot of people buy Spotify cards because they simply love listening to the music. Spotify is offering the previous version of Google Home Mini for free to it’s Premium subscribers to make it easy for you to enjoy your music at home with great ease. While this is not the newest Mini from Google, which is the Nest Mini, it’s still a great offer. After all, it’s free and you can’t really beat that.Spotify Thumbnail Image

Is it possible to get this deal now?

According to Spotify, they are going to keep the deal active until November 15th. That being said, it’s while supplies last. So if you want your hands on this deal, you need to act as fast as possible as it might not be live for a very long time. It’s still a great thing to have and more of an incentive to use Spotify.

How can you get this deal?

You need to visit the Spotify website and login. Create your account and then you can choose if you want an Individual or a Family plan. Then you’ll have the Google Mini reserved for you as long as they still have some available.

Keep in mind that the process can be tricky because the website is obviously getting lots of requests. So it might take up to 30 minutes to actively complete the process. One thing to note is that you will receive an email that will link you to the Google Store. You will have a discount applied that makes the Google Mini free. From there, you can have it shipped to your home in a few days.

This is a US only deal, so you can’t get it anywhere else. That being said, it’s still an amazing deal if you want to get a Mini. Granted, it’s not the latest version, but it’s still a good Mini!

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