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How to Use an iTunes Gift Card to Boost Your Business

You can make your business a big success without spending big money. You just need to have the right product or services, marketed for the right consumers using smart strategies. In this digital age when business promotion doesn’t cost a fortune, like it did decades ago, you have numerous options to achieve your goal. One of those options is to get an iTunes gift card. An iTunes gift card is not just for retail purposes, or just a clever present for your loved ones. You can use the recognizable gift card as a cost-effective tool for promoting your business, too. You can use it for your customers, for your employees, and for your most valued partners. Here’s how to get an iTunes gift card to boost your business: Convey your appreciation for customer loyalty. Apple’s sought-after gift card is the ideal “thank you” for customers. Not only are you giving your loyal buyers the choice to get what they want, but you are also doing it with an exceptional brand. It is the best way to show your appreciation for customers who have patronized your business for years. Turn prospects into customers. Conversion is not an easy task. Today’s customers are more selective and very sophisticated. It takes great effort to capture their attention, and even greater effort to turn that attention into a purchase. With iTunes gift cards, you could achieve this goal. You can use the Apple gift card at trade shows, for people who inquire or visit your booth. You can also use it as a free gift for people who opt for email subscriptions. Drum up excitement and interest for an online contest. Online contests are effective for driving engagement. Whether you are doing it to encourage more traffic to your website or to promote a new product or service, iTunes gift cards will do the job. Make sure to choose higher denominations to entice more people to join the contest. Add an iTunes gift card with every gift bag at company events honoring high performing employees. Employees who have met their sales targets or closed very important deals deserve rewards. You may have an incentive travel program or have ceremonies highlighting employee achievements as a reward. Why not add another token of appreciation for a job well done with an iTunes gift card? You don’t need to always spend top dollar to improve your company. Sometimes, a simple thank you and a unique token help to drive results. When you use an iTunes gift card strategically, you may experience better outcomes for your business. So get a pack today.

How to Use an iTunes Gift Card – Mygiftcardsupply

ITunes gift cards care extremely popular all over the world. Whether your iTunes gift card you have been received at the eve of Christmas, a birthday, promotions or a number of other reasons, you will need to know how to use it. Read below for a basic walk-through of each step in redeeming your iTunes gift card, as well as suggestion on what you can purchase with it. Redeeming your iTunes Gift Cards: If you’re the lucky one recipient, here’s how to redeem an iTunes Gift Card, credit your iTunes Store account, and start working as you desired. Revealing the code perfectly: Begin by turning over your iTunes Gift Card and scratch off the section on the back above the barcode. This will reveal the code you enter at the iTunes Store to redeem the card. Visit iTunes Store: Next, go to the iTunes Store (make sure you have an Apple ID/iTunes account. If you don’t, create one and then finish these steps). In the Quick Links box at the top right of the front page of the Store, click Redeem (you may be asked to log in to your iTunes account. If you are, do so). Type in visual Code, Click Redeem: On the Redeem Code page, you have two options for how you’ll credit your account with the money from the Gift card. The first option is simply to type the code you revealed when you scratched off the card. Type in the code and, when the Redeem button appears, click it. On some Apple products, you have a second option: using the computer’s built-in camera to scan the card and redeem it without typing. To do this, click Use Camera. When the camera turns on, hold the iTunes Gift Card up with the back of the card facing the camera. When you get the card placed properly, iTunes will recognize it and scan the code, adding the amount of the card directly to your account. Confirm ITunes Redemption: A screen will pop up in iTunes that confirms that you’ve redeemed the card and added the dollar value of the card to your account. You can also verify this by looking at the top left corner of the iTunes Store window where it shows your account name. Next to your account name will be a dollar amount – that’s the amount left on your gift card. When you make purchases, they will be debited from the balance there first and only be billed to your regular account after your gift card has been depleted. Now that you’ve got some money in your iTunes account now you can spend it.

You can Now Send Google Play Credit as Gift via Email

Did you notice that Google Play launched a pretty cool feature for its users very recently? This newly launched feature allows Google Play users, more specifically android users, send Google Play credit to someone else through email as gift. Google Play started this amazing feature from November 25, and it’s already been very promising to Play users. With this feature, any android user can now send his Google Play credit to someone else as gift via email. Right now, users are allowed to send either $10, $15, $20, $25, $50 and even $100. Surprisingly, there’s actually no limit on how many credits a Play user would like to send to anyone. If you are also an android user, you will see an option as ‘Send Gift’ on the sidebar of Google Play Store now, which doesn’t mean you can send chocolates or cards as gift to your intended recipients. Actually you can send Google Play credit to your friends and others as gift with this newly added option. You just need to enter your recipient’s email address and a short note to them; otherwise they might think it was a scam or virus. Users are required to pay for the credit through their debit/credit cards which are connected with their Google Play accounts. Besides, payment using Google Wallet is also accepted. Note that users are not allowed to pay for their credit using their Google Play balance for now. Currently this feature is only limited to US market. Though no word yet but hopefully this feature will be rolling out to more countries very soon.

​Common Issues That Show You Need iTunes Gift Card Help

Gift giving has gone digital. Thank goodness for that because now you practically do not have to step out of your home to get everyone you love what he or she wants. This means the end of stress over rush hour traffic, holiday shopping and waiting in line. With an iTunes gift card, there is the added appeal of choosing the perfect book, movie, music, app and TV show. This is why the popular gift card is also in your own wish list. Of course, there are times when you will run into some issues with the gift card. Whether you’re giving or receiving, you may want to turn to the iTunes gift card help page for step-by-step guidance on any number of concerns. Here are just some of the most common issues. You cannot redeem your iTunes gift card or code. You cannot redeem the gift card because the card or the code might be invalid; that the card or the code is inactive, or that the card or code is from a different country. If it’s invalid:
  • Make sure that it’s an iTunes gift card and not an Apple Store gift card, as the two are different, then
  • Enter your code manually, or in some countries, the code can be entered with the camera on the iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac. If the redemption code on the back of the card has a black focus box, then you can use your camera to redeem it.
If it’s inactive, it might not have been properly activated. Return to the retailer and they will resolve the issue for you. If the gift card has been purchased from a different country, you need to redeem it with that specific country. If you’re still having problems with redemption, be prepared to provide the iTunes Support team with:
  • An image of card, front and back;
  • The sales receipt with the date of the purchase, and
  • The serial number on your gift card.
Your recipient already has an iTunes gift card. You have the option to send an amount or an item to that person. Depending on the device, choosing an amount is an item. For the amount or the item, open your iTunes, App Store, or iBooks and choose accordingly. Click your preferred amount or gift. Enter the recipient’s email and add a message. You can send the gift now or later.

Where To Buy ITunes Gift Card

While shopping often seems like the favorite “sport” of many, there are folks who find it a huge hassle especially if they’re only buying a few small things. It’s a huge production to look presentable and drive to the mall. This holiday season, many really don’t want to go to the mall to shop because there are just so many people buying Christmas presents; the crowd is overwhelming and finding a parking space alone is already tiring enough. Thankfully, digital gifts are available nowadays, so those who want to avoid the holiday crowd at the mall can just stay home and get their shopping (well, part of it) done through their smartphones, tablets and computers. One great digital gift to give for the holidays is an iTunes gift card for not only is it always in stock, it’s a gift that useful in a number of ways – you simply cannot go wrong with it because you can be sure that the recipients get a gift they truly want. Plus, shipping is free because the product is delivered via email. Anyway, if you’re buying it for the first time in your life and you really have no idea where to buy iTunes gift card, rounded up below are where you can conveniently get them.
  • The “Mother” store – Apple. If you own an iPhone, iPad or Macbook, you get quick access to the store and complete purchase transactions right there.
  • Top retailers’ websites such as,,, et cetera. All these places offer iTunes gift cards and at times they even present the cards as “gifts with a purchase.”
  • Reputable e-commerce sites offer amazing deals for these gift cards and you can actually save a significant amount of money if you check these out. Through these sites you can actually forget about paying full price especially if you chance upon their flash deals and promos.
  • is one particular website that sells iTunes gift cards all year round. It has other digital cards as well to make online purchases of certain products a breeze. Another big advantage with this site is it also offers special deals to save customers money. Therefore, if you’re working with a smaller budget, this online retailer is surely worth checking out.
Worthy mentioning as well is all these online stores even have easy to follow instructions for purchase to make sure that online shopping can be accomplished as quickly as possible.

How to Use a US iTunes Gift Card to Boost Your Business

Getting that edge over your competitors is getting tougher and tougher to achieve. Some just seem to have way more resources than you do, and others simply come up with the most clever advertising and promotional campaigns. How will you ever compete without going over your budget? Do it with iTunes gift cards. How, you ask, can iTunes gift cards compete with what other businesses are offering? For starters, a US iTunes gift card offers the premium reward from a premium brand — Apple. When it’s from Apple, people instantly want to become a part of whatever the brand is providing. And the iTunes store certainly offers a stellar selection of music, books, movies, TV shows, ringtones, games, and apps. Basically, with the iTunes gift card you buy and use for your business, you are offering everything that any person will need today. Since the iTunes gift cards come in different denominations, you still get to control what you spend on marketing promotions, but end up giving your consumers or recipients the power to choose what they can get for it (e.g., a song, an album, or a game). And consumers like brands that allow them such liberties. You can use iTunes gift cards as giveaways for your events. You can hand them out to, for example, the first 10 people who sign up for an email alert at your booth in a trade fair. You can also place them inside gift bags that will be handed out after a corporate dinner. With the flexibility it offers, you can also use your iTunes gift cards for an online contest or a social media campaign. And speaking of flexibility, you don’t just have to use these gift cards from iTunes for your consumers and/or clients. You can also offer them up as promotional incentives to employees. When you buy iTunes gift cards, you can give them out as a kind of “thank you” to your most valuable employees or as an encouragement for them to perform better. How they are distributed will depend on the structure and policies of your incentive program for employees. The bottom line is that using iTunes gift cards will allow you to offer rewards or encouragements without the steep cost. And as any business owner knows, even the smallest incentive can help motivate employees to perform better. From consumer freebies to employee incentives, the right iTunes gift cards can move your business forward. So buy them in bulk.

How to Shop for iTunes Gift Card Online

The Internet has made gift giving infinitely easier. You never have to take time out of work or your busy day to shop for a last-minute gift. You never have to deal with last-minute gifts because you can shop anytime, anywhere using your mobile device. And you can also score some pretty cool promotions and discounts when shopping online. Now, if you’re at a loss as to what items to buy for your niece’s birthday or your brother’s graduation, you may want to go with a gift card. And nothing excites recipients more than getting a gift card from iTunes because it just has every music, book, game, movie, TV show, and app anyone would want to own. Even better, you can get an iTunes gift card online. As with anything purchased from an online store, you will want to follow a few steps to make sure that you are getting the legitimate card and that you are protected as a shopper. So do this first: Find an iTunes gift card shop that has shown security and safety for every shopper. You will want to make sure that the information you provide is protected. Check the website’s security certificates. Next, find online reviews. Some of the better online stores will have feedback from previous customers. You will read about other customers’ experiences, from the ease of ordering to the speed of delivery to how complaints are handled. Once you are satisfied with other shoppers’ experiences, look over the inventory. Will you have more than enough denominations to choose from? You want to have options because you might not only be shopping for that geek friend of yours but also for that young nephew who is just discovering apps for school. So the store you choose should offer US iTunes gift cards at $10 to $100. Ordering your iTunes gift card is fairly easy. But naturally you will still want to get a good look at the process. Your online iTunes gift card shop should explain, in detail, how you can buy and redeem. The instructions for redemption should also be clear so that you are sure your recipient will not have a hard time using the gift card you sent. Finally, make sure you are well aware of the returns policy. While it might not seem likely that you have to return the gift card you purchased, it helps to know if you will go through an easy procedure — when needed.
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