How does a Karma Koin card convert to NX Points?

he recent merger between Karma Koin and Nexon has created a little confusion in how these cards are used to get your NX points. Since the merger, Nexon has discontinued the production of their NX cards. In their replacement, they’re using Karma Koin cards to be used instead. If you currently own a NX card, there is no need to worry, your points won’t expire, and you can redeem them anytime. If you want to fund your account with NX points, you will need to use a Karma Koin card. How many NX points will I receive from a Karma Koin card? The conversion is very easy. You get 1000 NX points for every $1 USD value on the gift card. For further example: $10 Karma Koin card: 10,000 NX points $25 Karma Koin card: 25,000 NX points $50 Karma Koin card: 50,000 NX points Karma Koin, and NX points lets you make purchases at many sites and games without giving your credit card or personal details. Karma Koin is still donating 1% of their revenue to charities working towards world issues such as cancer research, AIDS, nature and wildlife, and global relief.

You can Now Send Google Play Credit as Gift via Email

Did you notice that Google Play launched a pretty cool feature for its users very recently? This newly launched feature allows Google Play users, more specifically android users, send Google Play credit to someone else through email as gift. Google Play started this amazing feature from November 25, and it’s already been very promising to Play users. With this feature, any android user can now send his Google Play credit to someone else as gift via email. Right now, users are allowed to send either $10, $15, $20, $25, $50 and even $100. Surprisingly, there’s actually no limit on how many credits a Play user would like to send to anyone. If you are also an android user, you will see an option as ‘Send Gift’ on the sidebar of Google Play Store now, which doesn’t mean you can send chocolates or cards as gift to your intended recipients. Actually you can send Google Play credit to your friends and others as gift with this newly added option. You just need to enter your recipient’s email address and a short note to them; otherwise they might think it was a scam or virus. Users are required to pay for the credit through their debit/credit cards which are connected with their Google Play accounts. Besides, payment using Google Wallet is also accepted. Note that users are not allowed to pay for their credit using their Google Play balance for now. Currently this feature is only limited to US market. Though no word yet but hopefully this feature will be rolling out to more countries very soon.

​Common Issues That Show You Need iTunes Gift Card Help

Gift giving has gone digital. Thank goodness for that because now you practically do not have to step out of your home to get everyone you love what he or she wants. This means the end of stress over rush hour traffic, holiday shopping and waiting in line. With an iTunes gift card, there is the added appeal of choosing the perfect book, movie, music, app and TV show. This is why the popular gift card is also in your own wish list. Of course, there are times when you will run into some issues with the gift card. Whether you’re giving or receiving, you may want to turn to the iTunes gift card help page for step-by-step guidance on any number of concerns. Here are just some of the most common issues. You cannot redeem your iTunes gift card or code. You cannot redeem the gift card because the card or the code might be invalid; that the card or the code is inactive, or that the card or code is from a different country. If it’s invalid:
  • Make sure that it’s an iTunes gift card and not an Apple Store gift card, as the two are different, then
  • Enter your code manually, or in some countries, the code can be entered with the camera on the iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac. If the redemption code on the back of the card has a black focus box, then you can use your camera to redeem it.
If it’s inactive, it might not have been properly activated. Return to the retailer and they will resolve the issue for you. If the gift card has been purchased from a different country, you need to redeem it with that specific country. If you’re still having problems with redemption, be prepared to provide the iTunes Support team with:
  • An image of card, front and back;
  • The sales receipt with the date of the purchase, and
  • The serial number on your gift card.
Your recipient already has an iTunes gift card. You have the option to send an amount or an item to that person. Depending on the device, choosing an amount is an item. For the amount or the item, open your iTunes, App Store, or iBooks and choose accordingly. Click your preferred amount or gift. Enter the recipient’s email and add a message. You can send the gift now or later.

How to Shop for iTunes Gift Card Online

The Internet has made gift giving infinitely easier. You never have to take time out of work or your busy day to shop for a last-minute gift. You never have to deal with last-minute gifts because you can shop anytime, anywhere using your mobile device. And you can also score some pretty cool promotions and discounts when shopping online. Now, if you’re at a loss as to what items to buy for your niece’s birthday or your brother’s graduation, you may want to go with a gift card. And nothing excites recipients more than getting a gift card from iTunes because it just has every music, book, game, movie, TV show, and app anyone would want to own. Even better, you can get an iTunes gift card online. As with anything purchased from an online store, you will want to follow a few steps to make sure that you are getting the legitimate card and that you are protected as a shopper. So do this first: Find an iTunes gift card shop that has shown security and safety for every shopper. You will want to make sure that the information you provide is protected. Check the website’s security certificates. Next, find online reviews. Some of the better online stores will have feedback from previous customers. You will read about other customers’ experiences, from the ease of ordering to the speed of delivery to how complaints are handled. Once you are satisfied with other shoppers’ experiences, look over the inventory. Will you have more than enough denominations to choose from? You want to have options because you might not only be shopping for that geek friend of yours but also for that young nephew who is just discovering apps for school. So the store you choose should offer US iTunes gift cards at $10 to $100. Ordering your iTunes gift card is fairly easy. But naturally you will still want to get a good look at the process. Your online iTunes gift card shop should explain, in detail, how you can buy and redeem. The instructions for redemption should also be clear so that you are sure your recipient will not have a hard time using the gift card you sent. Finally, make sure you are well aware of the returns policy. While it might not seem likely that you have to return the gift card you purchased, it helps to know if you will go through an easy procedure — when needed.

How to Shop the US Apple iTunes from anywhere in the World

In this article we are going to show you how you can easily watch the latest season of “Big Bang Theory” before it is out on TV in Austria or the newest Lady Gaga album before it’s released at your local store. Not only are we going to show you how to access this content early, we are going to show you how to do it at a discounted price! It’s this simple: buy your content from the US Apple iTunes store. When you’re outside the United States and you are a TV junkie, then you will need a lot of patience waiting for new TV shows to come out. Typically seasons of “Big Bang Theory”, “Breaking Bad”, “2 Broke Girls” takes months to propagate to your native country. The US iTunes Store is here to save you. Not only do you have the fastest access to TV shows, movies, and music, you also have newspapers and magazines such as “Fortune”, “Billboard”, and “Vanity Fair”. This also includes books that are never released outside of the US through traditional distribution channels.


Apple has created a separate store for each country, and once you create an account, you are locked to that country’s store. Therefore, Australians can only shop in the Australian store, and Germans can only shop in the German store. Apple typically determines which countries store you are going to belong to based on your address as well as payment method. If you buy iTunes credit with a german credit card, you are going to need to use those funds in the German iTunes store.


There is a fairly way to get access to US content from anywhere in the world, without having to open a bank account in the United States. Around the world, you can find US iTunes gift cards in your local markets and also available online.

How to Shop in the US iTunes store from anywhere in the world

1.) NAVIGATE TO THE US STORE INSIDE ITUNES Once you open iTunes, and logout of your current account. Then, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and locate your country’s respective flag. Click this flag, and you will be presented a screen that shows all the countries that have a US iTunes store. itunes-account-chose-us


Welcome to the US iTunes Store! Now you will need an account. For this, enter in the “App Store” which can be found on the top menu. Browse to any app, which can even be a free app. You locate the free apps when it says “GET”.


Now you need to open your account, by clicking the “Create Apple ID” button. Next, click “To begin creating your Apple ID, click Continue”. Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking “Agree”.


When you’re setting this account, you will want to use a .com email domain.. try to avoid your local countries TLD such as .de for Germany or .it for Italy.


This is where you will need to tell the system you are located in the United States. There isn’t much verification here, so you can pretty much use any address within the United States. As long as it the city, state and zip code match, it will be accepted into the system. Depending on which state you chose, there is a different “sales tax” that will be added to your purchases. For this reason, you want to use one of the states that does not have a sales tax. We recommend choosing an address in Delaware, which is area code 302. To help you with this, you can use Google Maps or to find an address of a hotel or a post office. Do not worry about the location because Apple will never call or send any mail to this address.


Under payment type at the very end you will see the option for None When you click that it gives you the option “To redeem a code of gift certificate” which is where you will put the 16 digit iTunes gift card from MyGiftCardSupply Now you can complete your account creation.


Now you can enjoy the US iTunes store fully, without any interruption. Shopping on the iPhone or iPad You can just as easily login to your US iTunes account from your iPhone, iPod or iPad and continue your shopping. Don’t worry about losing any content, you can freely log out of your US account, and back into your primary one, and all your music and apps will remain. Apple allows you you have up to five Apple ID’s per device. Thanks for reading! [ux_custom_products products=”12″ columns=”4″ cat=”us-itunes-gift-cards” orderby=”sales”]

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