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​Gifting With an iTunes Card – Email Delivery Is Most Convenient

If you are a proud Apple device owner, then you have an idea of just how much of a treasure trove the iTunes Store is. It’s the place to get your fill of content. From music and games to movies and TV shows, it’s the kind of entertainment superstore people used to dream of in a time before smartphones. It also includes the App Store, where you can find a veritable sea of applications, both free and paid for, to download for your device. Even better, the iTunes store also caters to those who use a PC, so it’s really a great shopping center for most people. Considering this, it’s understandable why an iTunes gift card has become a popular present to give for birthdays and the holidays. You just can’t go wrong with it. Now, if you were the giver, you have the option of sending the iTunes gift card physically or electronically. If you’re of the set that thinks a present doesn’t feel like a gift unless you’re handing over something tangible, you can find physical gift cards at most supermarkets and department stores. With physical cards, the redeeming process will transpire in the following manner. Your recipients will remove the packaging and turn the card over to find the bar code, which is typically a 16-digit number. If they’re using an iPhone or an iPad, they need to open their App Store app and sign in with their Apple ID, after which, they enter their 16-digit code and click “Redeem.” In some countries, the device’s camera may be used to read the code, making the process even easier. On the other hand, if they’re using a desktop or a laptop, they’ll need to open iTunes and click “Redeem.” They have to make sure that they’re logged in to their account and then enter the 16-digit code. Again, in some countries, the camera may be used to read the code. While being able to hand over something concrete may seem more satisfying, in the case of an iTunes gift card, sending it electronically is far more convenient. With an iTunes card, email delivery means a much simpler redemption process. All your recipients need to do is click the “Redeem Now” button and then log into their iTunes account. It’s generally more efficient to electronically send an iTunes card. Email delivery also ensures that the gift doesn’t get lost or misplaced. If you really want to hand your recipients something tangible, you can give them greeting cards with a note indicating that you emailed them an iTunes voucher.

Recommend Apps When Giving an iTunes Gift Card With PayPal

You don’t want to go out and fret over what to get somebody for a present, so you take the safe route and buy them an iTunes gift card with PayPal. If you’re afraid that they might consider it too impersonal, you can take the time to make suggestions as to music, movies, games, and other apps that they might like. If you do this, they’re bound to appreciate your present better. While it might not seem that it took a lot of effort to choose to get an iTunes gift card with PayPal, you can make the gesture more thoughtful by accompanying it with your personal recommendations. To give you an idea, the following apps are some that are really popular with the general public:
  • Heads Up! – Ellen DeGeneres may be credited for propelling this game to fame, but it’s a really fun and engaging ice-breaker. You basically hold your device on your forehead and your friends get you to guess the word on the screen by acting it out or describing it. Besides providing the game itself, your phone also records your friends acting out the mystery words.
  • Monument Valley – It was iPad Game of the Year in 2014. A puzzle game that has you guiding a princess through a beautiful world, it is noted for its amazing graphics.
  • Sky Guide – You don’t have to be an astronomy buff to like this app that identifies stars, constellations, and satellites as you hold your device up towards the sky.
  • Dark Sky – This is a very handy app if you’re always concerned about what kind of weather is up ahead. This one offers accurate weather information for your location and can be enabled to notify you regarding rain or snow that’s headed your way.
  • Workflow – This is a popular productivity app that allows you to drag and drop tasks to create workflows. It lets you establish automated paths to make ordinary actions more efficient. Some of the more common paths are deleting photos, calculating tips, hailing a car, and finding a coffee shop.
  • Motion X 24/7 Sleeptracker – It’s a health-monitoring app that tracks your activity, footsteps, weight, and sleep. It also measures your pulse or heart rate by registering your average number of heart beats per minute. This app is compatible with HealthKit.
Of course, if you’re familiar with your recipients’ personality and preferences, you can recommend more specific apps that they may enjoy.

Why an iTunes Gift Card for US Account Makes a Great Present for Nostalgia Nuts

Are you hesitant to give an iTunes gift card? For US account holders, this happens to be a fool-proof present so there’s no need for second thoughts. What if your intended recipients subscribe to the old-school ethos? Unless they don’t have any iTunes-compatible device (iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, other Apple products, and PC), they are sure to get much value from an iTunes gift card for US account. The thing about the different apps available these days is that there is a niche that specifically targets those who crave a bit of nostalgia in these technologically advanced times. If you give your old-fashioned aunt or neighbor an iTunes card and they look like they have no idea what to do with it, why not suggest the following apps for a spell of nostalgia?
  • Hanx – For those who miss the louder clacking of typewriter keys being pounded on, this app created by actor Tom Hanks recreates the experience of a manual typewriter. It’s purely for whimsy, of course. The cacophony of the typing pool of yore is something that some of us now recall with fondness. Being able to generate it for fun might be something that old school aficionados find entertaining.
  • Oldies Radio – It’s easy enough to find old music to listen to online, but this app offers a really great selection of ‘50s to ‘70s stations, including ones concentrated on Elvis and on the Beatles. It has a simple and uncluttered interface with selection buttons that are easy to see and press, so it’s perfect for listeners who are not very adept at navigating a smartphone.
  • Spell and Speak – If you grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, it’s possible that you spent a lot of time typing out cuss words on your Speak and Spell, eager to hear that voice say, “That is incorrect. The correct spelling of…” In the age of apps, there’s Spell and Speak, which is a tribute to the old game.
  • Simon Says– Here’s another game many children of the ‘70s and ‘80s played. It features colorful buttons that flash on and off in patterns that get longer and longer, becoming increasingly harder to replicate. Like the old game, you get to tap the colors in the order in which they were presented.
  • Rotary Phone – Present a rotary phone to children of today and they’d have no clue how to operate it. This is an item that many people feel nostalgic about, and getting to incorporate such a dialer into your smartphone is all kinds of retro fun.
Who’s to say that an iTunes gift card isn’t for them? There are apps for all kinds of interests, efficiencies, services, et cetera, so such a gift should never go to waste.

Precios Subiendo para iTunes

Apple anunció esta semana que está elevándolo de precios en iTunes en los próximos días por siete países de todo el mundo. La noticia llega como tipos de cambio siguen fluctuando. Los países que se verán afectadas son:
  • Canada
  • Nueva Zelanda
  • Sudáfrica
  • Singapur
  • Israel
  • Mexico
  • Russia
No es ninguna sorpresa que la mejor manera de evitar los aumentos de precios es usar una tarjeta de regalo de iTunes de Estados Unidos, que le permite tomar ventaja de la estructura de precios de US iTunes, que sigue siendo mucho más estable. Otra gran ventaja de utilizar una tarjeta de regalo de iTunes de Estados Unidos es tener acceso a la mayor selección de música, películas, aplicaciones, programas de televisión y muchos más. Muchas veces tienen contenido es lanzado en los Estados Unidos primero, y luego puesto en libertad más tarde a otros países y, a menudo a un precio mayor.

Getting What You Need Online: ITunes Gift Card Uses for Your Own Year-end Rewards

Presents are shared with others to express your love or gratitude. To demonstrate how much you care for them, to let them know that they are appreciated. Don’t wait to celebrate your presence in each other’s lives. A gift for you, too That’s right. In your haste to be able to remember and give things that other people would love to have for Christmas, or in an effort to fit everyone into your budget, your own desire for a little indulgence may fall to the wayside. But there’s no reason why you can’t live a little this Christmas—and no one says you have to spend a truckload of money on your gift to yourself, either. Since you spend quite a bit of time online, iTunes gift card purchases can be all you need to bring some light and joy to your own home. Curious to discover what you can get with iTunes gift cards? Here’s a brief list: Books. You feel a little guilty about not being able to work through the still-growing reading list you’ve created for yourself for 2015. Now, you can take up your reading habit once more by getting your preferred e-book titles and reading them on your tablet or other device even while you’re on the go. There’s also the option of purchasing audiobooks with your gift card so that you can simply listen and get your daily dose of literature. Music. Who doesn’t like to listen to music? Granted, different people will have different genre preferences and listening styles, but there is hardly anyone to be found who doesn’t like even just one musical artist or song. Whether you’re the type to snap on giant headphones and bask in the booming glory of rock music on full volume (while commuting or even working), or one who fills an MP3 player with soothing jazz and bossa nova tunes that you can play on loudspeaker and sashay to while whipping up dinner, your iTunes gift card is sure to help you find great tunes to tune the world out to. Games. If mobile devices, in your opinion, were invented to enable you to enter fantasy worlds, take up different characters and roles, go on quests, complete missions, and compete with others, then games would be great things to use your gift card on. From simple puzzles to hardcore role-playing games, you’ll want for nothing in the playing department. Apps. If your smartphone or tablet is crucial to getting through life without any mishaps—helping you wake up on time, keep track of to-do lists, remember appointments, crunch numbers, compile photos, etc.—then apps would be great buys. You can use your Christmas gift cards to get all the productivity, entertainment and photo apps you need (among others) so that life can go on without a hitch. Whatever you need to fully experience Christmas cheer, wholesome indulgence, and a whole lot of fun, your iTunes gift card will be able to provide.

Buy iTunes Card Online to Help You Whittle Down Your Reading List Faster

Your idea of a fun time is curling up in your favorite nook in your house, a cup of coffee nearby, while reading your favorite book. However, with all your commitments at work and at home, your pile of books to read has grown taller each month. Sure, you’d like to spend quality time with your books, but your schedule is too crowded. Why not consider listening to audio books to help you whittle down your reading list? Some people scoff at the idea of listening to audio books, saying that is not equivalent to reading. However, plenty of people, including authors, say that dismissing audio books is plain snobbery. Acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman says, “I don’t believe there are books I’ve never ‘read’ because I have only heard them, or poems I’ve not experienced because I’ve only heard the poets read them. Actually, I believe that if the writer is someone who can communicate well aloud (some writers can’t), you often get much more insight into a story or poem by hearing it.” Apart from helping you tame the pile of your books still left unread, audio books offer a few key advantages. Chief of these is the ability to listen to these practically anywhere—while driving, running on a treadmill, or even grocery shopping. Furthermore, if you peruse iTunes’ offerings, you will soon discover that there are plenty of books to choose from, ranging from classics, comedy, history, sci-fi and sports to biographies, business, religion and romance. How do you get started? You may want to buy iTunes card online to help you get started with your audio book collection. Browse through iTunes and purchase titles that catch your attention. Better yet, start with titles that you have already read and are familiar with. This will help you get a fair idea of what it is like to listen to audio books. After finishing a favorite title, you can now explore other audio books. One of the key factors you might want to consider in choosing an audio book is finding the right narrator. Often, the right narrator can enhance your listening experience. Sometimes, you may want to start with a narrator with a familiar accent. Next, find the right app to listen to your audio library. A good app will help you keep track of the progress of the story. These apps can also help you “bookmark” certain passages in the audio book. After a few tries, you might discover that listening to audio books is as pleasurable as actually reading a book. From there, you can mix both types of books in order to help you finish your pile of unread books quicker.

Top 10 Kid Gifts under $10 – Mygiftcardsupply

Christmas is almost near to the door. Really, are you ready yet? It’s the real time for taking decision if you want to have enough something attractive to fill all those stockings on Christmas morning. And don’t forget all of your favorites and neighbor kids whom you may want to shower with your affections. There are some great gift thinking which cost practically not so much. Most dear top ten Kid gifts are the followings: 1. iTunes Gift Cards: It seems like every kid today belongs an i-something, and that means you can’t go wrong with an iTunes gift card. These aren’t only for music purpose. Rather the under-18 set also likes to use these to download apps and games. If you be a member of a warehouse club, check there to see if discounted cards are available. 2. Legos for you: Some of you are may be freaking out for this proposal. Holy moley, those babies are expensive, Okay? Well, sure, if you’re going to buy the Millennium Falcon. But you can get ample of fun little sets such as a surfer rescue or a Duplo caterpillar at regular. 3. Cards: You can pick up a low-priced pack of cards from virtually any kinds of dollar store or toy department in the country. They may cost only a couple dollars, but they come with the potential for hours of fun. For the younger set, look for games such as Old Maid or Go Fish that feature big numbers and brilliant graphics. Tweens and teens might like to receive a regular pack of cards and gain knowledge of some grown-up games once the dinner dishes are put away. 4. Little Helper Toolbox: Preschoolers be in love with to dismantle things and put them back together. All these practice are good for fine motor skills, which strengthen hands for writing. This retro toolbox is a preschool dream comes true! When a screw needs to be tightened or a nail requires hammering, your child can squab beside you, grabs her rubber tools, and goes at it! 5. Temporary Tattoos: There’s something about temporary tattoos that children love. It’s like being given permission to write all over yourself. You can find some stencil kits that will let kids make their own body art or, for the non-artists, check out Finger Monsters to combine tattoo mania with hand puppet fun. 6. Balloon with Pump: Simple, cheap, and an outright joy to use, this toy brings smile to even the most jaded kids on the block. Use the pump to blow up one of thirty included balloons, and then stand back as it zips and weaves similar to a stunt rocket. When it lands, everyone will race to chase it down and bring it back for another run. A pain-free way to get kids off the couch! 7. First Kwanzaa: First Kwanzaa is a cute and heartwarming book for small children who can explains the most important characteristic of this holiday in a way that kids can easily understand. During the seven days of Kwanzaa, there celebrate family, friends and community and this book gives the smallest members of the family a way to join in on the fun. 8. Makeup bag: If you aren’t buying this one for your own daughter, you’ll want to examine for determining it’s accuracy with the parents first. However, if you get the green light, most girls love the chance to play dress-up and that includes experimenting with makeup. Pick up a low-cost toiletry bag and stuff it with sample-size makeup items. If the girl in your life isn’t quite older for makeup, you could incorporate lotions, soaps or other bath items as an alternative. 9. Candy Bags: If you show up at the Christmas party with bags of candy for every boy and girl, with confident it can say that you’ll be in the running as the favorite relative for everyone under age 18. 10. Together for Kwanzaa: The picture book Together for Kwanzaa by Juwanda G. Ford is a Kwanzaa classic and the #1 best seller in childrend’s Kwanzaa books. It let know the story of a family that is separated from each other due to a heavy snowstorm, and how they learned important lessons about Kwanzaa while struggling to get together for the holiday. This is a really a nice book for kids of all ages, which teaches the most important values of the holiday.

How to Use an iTunes Gift Card – Mygiftcardsupply

ITunes gift cards care extremely popular all over the world. Whether your iTunes gift card you have been received at the eve of Christmas, a birthday, promotions or a number of other reasons, you will need to know how to use it. Read below for a basic walk-through of each step in redeeming your iTunes gift card, as well as suggestion on what you can purchase with it. Redeeming your iTunes Gift Cards: If you’re the lucky one recipient, here’s how to redeem an iTunes Gift Card, credit your iTunes Store account, and start working as you desired. Revealing the code perfectly: Begin by turning over your iTunes Gift Card and scratch off the section on the back above the barcode. This will reveal the code you enter at the iTunes Store to redeem the card. Visit iTunes Store: Next, go to the iTunes Store (make sure you have an Apple ID/iTunes account. If you don’t, create one and then finish these steps). In the Quick Links box at the top right of the front page of the Store, click Redeem (you may be asked to log in to your iTunes account. If you are, do so). Type in visual Code, Click Redeem: On the Redeem Code page, you have two options for how you’ll credit your account with the money from the Gift card. The first option is simply to type the code you revealed when you scratched off the card. Type in the code and, when the Redeem button appears, click it. On some Apple products, you have a second option: using the computer’s built-in camera to scan the card and redeem it without typing. To do this, click Use Camera. When the camera turns on, hold the iTunes Gift Card up with the back of the card facing the camera. When you get the card placed properly, iTunes will recognize it and scan the code, adding the amount of the card directly to your account. Confirm ITunes Redemption: A screen will pop up in iTunes that confirms that you’ve redeemed the card and added the dollar value of the card to your account. You can also verify this by looking at the top left corner of the iTunes Store window where it shows your account name. Next to your account name will be a dollar amount – that’s the amount left on your gift card. When you make purchases, they will be debited from the balance there first and only be billed to your regular account after your gift card has been depleted. Now that you’ve got some money in your iTunes account now you can spend it.

Where To Buy ITunes Gift Card

While shopping often seems like the favorite “sport” of many, there are folks who find it a huge hassle especially if they’re only buying a few small things. It’s a huge production to look presentable and drive to the mall. This holiday season, many really don’t want to go to the mall to shop because there are just so many people buying Christmas presents; the crowd is overwhelming and finding a parking space alone is already tiring enough. Thankfully, digital gifts are available nowadays, so those who want to avoid the holiday crowd at the mall can just stay home and get their shopping (well, part of it) done through their smartphones, tablets and computers. One great digital gift to give for the holidays is an iTunes gift card for not only is it always in stock, it’s a gift that useful in a number of ways – you simply cannot go wrong with it because you can be sure that the recipients get a gift they truly want. Plus, shipping is free because the product is delivered via email. Anyway, if you’re buying it for the first time in your life and you really have no idea where to buy iTunes gift card, rounded up below are where you can conveniently get them.
  • The “Mother” store – Apple. If you own an iPhone, iPad or Macbook, you get quick access to the store and complete purchase transactions right there.
  • Top retailers’ websites such as,,, et cetera. All these places offer iTunes gift cards and at times they even present the cards as “gifts with a purchase.”
  • Reputable e-commerce sites offer amazing deals for these gift cards and you can actually save a significant amount of money if you check these out. Through these sites you can actually forget about paying full price especially if you chance upon their flash deals and promos.
  • is one particular website that sells iTunes gift cards all year round. It has other digital cards as well to make online purchases of certain products a breeze. Another big advantage with this site is it also offers special deals to save customers money. Therefore, if you’re working with a smaller budget, this online retailer is surely worth checking out.
Worthy mentioning as well is all these online stores even have easy to follow instructions for purchase to make sure that online shopping can be accomplished as quickly as possible.

The Convenience of Email Delivered iTunes Cards

Digital technology has definitely created massive changes in the way people accomplish things. Perhaps its most important contribution is the convenience it offers users. A great example would be online shopping; it’s something that can be accomplished using a smartphone or some other mobile device. You can purchase items you want from various retailers across the globe, pay for your purchases online, and just wait a bit for the physical item to be delivered straight to your doorstep. In highly technological countries like Japan and Taiwan, there’s even an app developed for convenience stores. If you need to buy grocery items, they have digital billboards that you scan your phone with; just scan the item you want, pay for them, provide your address and the time of day you want the items purchased to be delivered, and by the time you get home, your groceries will be right there waiting for you. The convenience that consumers stand to experience is even better with digital products such as iTunes gift cards. If you’re thinking of giving someone who loves music an iTunes card, you don’t need to bother with fancy wrapping and mailing the present. Online retailers will take care of the task easily with email delivered iTunes cards; the present will be waiting patiently for the recipient in their inbox. All you really need to do is tell the recipient to check their email to see your special gift for them. What’s even cooler about this provision is that if you forgot to buy someone a “real” present, you can buy an iTunes card online and send it over in a timely manner. This will then give you time to buy the true gift you intended for the person—and it will appear like you never forgot in the first place. And did you know that an iTunes card’s value can be used for other digital products as well? If the recipient wishes to buy an app, a certain amount of money in the iTunes card can be used to pay for that? Therefore, if the recipient doesn’t want to use up all of the card’s value on music alone, he/she can buy something else to his/her liking. So, if you’re pressed for time and you want to find the quickest way to give someone a really useful present, look for the different value cards sold online. With an iTunes card, you give the gift of music and so much more—and you get to make sure that the gift is conveniently delivered via email on the day when the gift truly matters.

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