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ITunes gift cards care extremely popular all over the world. Whether your iTunes gift card you have been received at the eve of Christmas, a birthday, promotions or a number of other reasons, you will need to know how to use it. Read below for a basic walk-through of each step in redeeming your iTunes gift card, as well as suggestion on what you can purchase with it.

Redeeming your iTunes Gift Cards:

If you’re the lucky one recipient, here’s how to redeem an iTunes Gift Card, credit your iTunes Store account, and start working as you desired.

Revealing the code perfectly:

Begin by turning over your iTunes Gift Card and scratch off the section on the back above the barcode. This will reveal the code you enter at the iTunes Store to redeem the card.

Visit iTunes Store:

Next, go to the iTunes Store (make sure you have an Apple ID/iTunes account. If you don’t, create one and then finish these steps). In the Quick Links box at the top right of the front page of the Store, click

Redeem (you may be asked to log in to your iTunes account. If you are, do so).

Type in visual Code, Click Redeem:

On the Redeem Code page, you have two options for how you’ll credit your account with the money from the Gift card.

The first option is simply to type the code you revealed when you scratched off the card. Type in the code and, when the Redeem button appears, click it.

On some Apple products, you have a second option: using the computer’s built-in camera to scan the card and redeem it without typing.

To do this, click Use Camera. When the camera turns on, hold the iTunes Gift Card up with the back of the card facing the camera. When you get the card placed properly, iTunes will recognize it and scan the code, adding the amount of the card directly to your account.

Confirm ITunes Redemption:

A screen will pop up in iTunes that confirms that you’ve redeemed the card and added the dollar value of the card to your account. You can also verify this by looking at the top left corner of the iTunes Store window where it shows your account name. Next to your account name will be a dollar amount – that’s the amount left on your gift card. When you make purchases, they will be debited from the balance there first and only be billed to your regular account after your gift card has been depleted.

Now that you’ve got some money in your iTunes account now you can spend it.

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