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What Can You Buy With Google Play Gift Cards?

Smartphones and tablets are now being used for a lot more than just calling, texting and browsing the internet. Whether you are at home, on your daily commute to and from the office, or simply looking to pass the time, these handy mobile devices can now provide endless entertainment in the form of movies, TV shows, music, magazines, games, books and all kinds of apps. Thanks to the digital media store Google Play, you can quickly and easily purchase these (or even get them for free) for your Android device. If you love feeding your hunger for books, watching movies starring your favorite actors, following episodes of the best TV series, or testing your gaming prowess in all the new games, then Google Play is our best source for your digital media needs.

Is it available where you are?

Since being launched in 2012, Google Play has presented more than 2.2 million published apps and enabled over 50 billion downloads worldwide. However, despite these impressive numbers, it does not necessarily mean that everyone in the world can access the same content. Google Play customers in the United States, and certain other countries, have complete access to all of the store’s offerings. For others, however, some products may not be available, or only the free apps and games (and not the paid content) can be accessed. If you have family or friends in countries where Google Play has only a limited reach, there’s a great gift idea for you. The next time a birthday or special occasion rolls around and the celebrant loves using their mobile device for entertainment purposes, send them Google Play gift cards that will give them unlimited access to all US content available in the store. How cool is that? Google play cards are also extremely easy to redeem. Choose from millions of apps

Here’s what your recipients can buy with their Google Play gift cards:


Does your friend want to watch Captain America: Civil War over and over? Got little kids or siblings who would love fun animated films like Zootopia? Maybe you have a cousin who simply swoons over romantic films like The Notebook or even the classic Love Story? The gift card will let them buy all the movies they want to view on their device.


If catching up on their reading is their thing, your friends and loved ones will be ecstatic to get a gift card that lets them buy everything from the Harry Potter series to John C. Maxwell’s Self Improvement to John Grisham’s well-loved thrillers.


Gift card holders can get a magazine subscription and receive updated content from their favorite news, business and entertainment sources.


Pokémon Go, Clash of Clans, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Camer360, DU Speed Booster, Spotify, LOL Pics — whether you need apps that let you play games, chat with people, enhance your pictures, improve your productivity, or just give you a good dose of laughter every day, there’s an app for that. And the Google Play gift card gives you the best the digital world has to offer.
Hulu Gift Cards via Email

Buy a Google Play Card Now! Email Delivery in Minutes!

Use the Google Play card to to purchase apps, games, music, movies, TV shows and more in the US Google Play store. Delivered digitally to your e-mail.

How to Use Your Google Play Gift Code Online

For users of Android devices, Google Play is their top source of movies, TV programs, books, apps, magazines and more. Everything they could ever need or desire can be found there: the games they play on their phones during their free time or in between work or school; the apps that help their devices function better; the books they’ve been meaning to read for a long time; the latest episode of their favorite TV show that they simply can’t miss, and the movies that feature their favorite stars. When it comes to entertainment, there’s nothing that Google Play won’t be able to offer — except if you are outside of the United States, that is. (Keep reading, we can fix that!)

A matter of location… Nope!

Not all of the content provided by Google Play in the US is accessible to some countries, which can limit the level of enjoyment you experience from using your Android device. There is, however, a way for you to purchase US content without actually flying into and staying in the country. Your solution is to purchase a Google Play gift card that can give you unlimited access to all US content in the Google Play store, wherever in the world you may be. You can buy these gift cards from trusted online retailers that source these cards directly from the manufacturers and authorized distributors located in the United States.

Unlock the potential of the US Google Play store.

These gift card retailers offer the most secure payment platforms so that you can experience a successful and hassle-free transaction every time. After your purchase, you will soon receive the digitally scanned Google Play gift card via email, which will contain the code that you will use to gain access to Google Play in the US. Google Play gift cards from a reliable online retailer like are available in $10, $15, $25, $50 and $100 denominations — you can conveniently choose whichever price fits your budget.

Here’s how to use your Google Play gift code online:

  • First, from your browser, visit
  • Next, enter your code and then click Redeem.

Alternatively, you can use the Google Play Store app. From here:

  • Tap the Menu icon.
  • Tap Redeem.
  • Enter the code and then tap Redeem.
If you want more detailed instructions on how to redeem you can visit our How to Redeem a Google Play Gift Card page. With just these simple steps, you can begin purchasing all the content you want or need from Google Play that is currently unavailable in your country. Enjoying your preferred books, movies, TV shows, magazines and other digital media has never been this easy.

Google Play Card Online – A Gift That’s Bigger on the Inside

If you’re a TV series aficionado, then you most probably understand the concept bigger on the inside (search for it if you don’t and you just might discover a new favorite series). But can it be possible? Can man actually build an object that can contain a space that is bigger than its physical dimensions? If you look at the Google Play Card, the answer might just be a resounding yes. The Google Play Card is small – fits in the palm of your hand, your pocket or your wallet. But it contains a universe (or multiple universes) of music, movies, books, apps and other content for your entertainment and information. If you live in the U.S., you can buy a Google Play card online and the retailer you select will deliver the card to your doorstep. This, however, will entail some waiting time before your order arrives. You may also buy it from stores such as Target, 7-11, Walgreens, CVS, Best Buy, Lowes and more. Google Play direct to Email But what if you live outside the U.S. and want to give someone (or yourself) a Google Play Card as a gift? A solution is to purchase a Google Play Card via email delivery. When you buy from a trusted gift card online vendor, you enjoy the following benefits: Consume on demand. Having the Google Play Card delivered to you via email allows you to use the card within minutes right after you make your purchase. Your order will arrive in the form of a high-resolution, digitally scanned image so it’s easy to read the code necessary for redemption. Access to U.S. stores. U.S. stores often have a bigger, better and cheaper collection of content than in other markets — that’s common knowledge. Some types of content are also not available in other countries. But what you should know is that there’s a way for you to have access to those offerings even if you’re based outside the U.S. You simply purchase a U.S. gift card, have the image delivered via email, and start shopping using the codes from the cards you bought. Time and money savings. Access to cheaper products. Hassle-free transaction. The entire process, from the purchase of your card, to payment, to delivery, to shopping for content, to consumption of that content — all happening online, anytime, right from any device. Now that’s priceless convenience that you can’t just buy anywhere. So whether you love to read, can’t live without music, like playing games, are raring to know what happened to your favorite TV character, or all of the above — or you know someone who fits these — then the Google Play Card is the “biggest” gift you can ever give or receive. Have it delivered via email today.

Buy a Google Play gift card now.

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You can Now Send Google Play Credit as Gift via Email

Did you notice that Google Play launched a pretty cool feature for its users very recently? This newly launched feature allows Google Play users, more specifically android users, send Google Play credit to someone else through email as gift. Google Play started this amazing feature from November 25, and it’s already been very promising to Play users. With this feature, any android user can now send his Google Play credit to someone else as gift via email. Right now, users are allowed to send either $10, $15, $20, $25, $50 and even $100. Surprisingly, there’s actually no limit on how many credits a Play user would like to send to anyone. If you are also an android user, you will see an option as ‘Send Gift’ on the sidebar of Google Play Store now, which doesn’t mean you can send chocolates or cards as gift to your intended recipients. Actually you can send Google Play credit to your friends and others as gift with this newly added option. You just need to enter your recipient’s email address and a short note to them; otherwise they might think it was a scam or virus. Users are required to pay for the credit through their debit/credit cards which are connected with their Google Play accounts. Besides, payment using Google Wallet is also accepted. Note that users are not allowed to pay for their credit using their Google Play balance for now. Currently this feature is only limited to US market. Though no word yet but hopefully this feature will be rolling out to more countries very soon.
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