How to Use a US iTunes Gift Card to Boost Your Business

Getting that edge over your competitors is getting tougher and tougher to achieve. Some just seem to have way more resources than you do, and others simply come up with the most clever advertising and promotional campaigns. How will you ever compete without going over your budget?

Do it with iTunes gift cards.

How, you ask, can iTunes gift cards compete with what other businesses are offering? For starters, a US iTunes gift card offers the premium reward from a premium brand — Apple. When it’s from Apple, people instantly want to become a part of whatever the brand is providing. And the iTunes store certainly offers a stellar selection of music, books, movies, TV shows, ringtones, games, and apps. Basically, with the iTunes gift card you buy and use for your business, you are offering everything that any person will need today.

Since the iTunes gift cards come in different denominations, you still get to control what you spend on marketing promotions, but end up giving your consumers or recipients the power to choose what they can get for it (e.g., a song, an album, or a game). And consumers like brands that allow them such liberties.

You can use iTunes gift cards as giveaways for your events. You can hand them out to, for example, the first 10 people who sign up for an email alert at your booth in a trade fair. You can also place them inside gift bags that will be handed out after a corporate dinner.

With the flexibility it offers, you can also use your iTunes gift cards for an online contest or a social media campaign.

And speaking of flexibility, you don’t just have to use these gift cards from iTunes for your consumers and/or clients. You can also offer them up as promotional incentives to employees. When you buy iTunes gift cards, you can give them out as a kind of “thank you” to your most valuable employees or as an encouragement for them to perform better.

How they are distributed will depend on the structure and policies of your incentive program for employees. The bottom line is that using iTunes gift cards will allow you to offer rewards or encouragements without the steep cost. And as any business owner knows, even the smallest incentive can help motivate employees to perform better.

From consumer freebies to employee incentives, the right iTunes gift cards can move your business forward. So buy them in bulk.

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