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Microsoft planning second next-gen Xbox that’s more affordable

We are all expecting a new console from Microsoft next year, but the most important aspect is that they are seemingly releasing a second one also. We should all prepare our Xbox cards because apparently they’re going to release all kinds of cool stuff and that you’re sure to be impressed with

The main Scarlett console is named Anaconda

The Anaconda is set to be very powerful and lots of new games are expected to be created around it. The most important aspect around this console is that it’llXbox Thumbnail take the next generation to new heights and will also push the boundaries in some really fun and interesting ways. However, the second console simply won’t be as powerful. It will be named Lockhart and this console will target 1440p instead of 4k which is what the Scarlett is focused on. It’s still a great aspect and it will surely come with its fair share of benefits. The idea here is to constantly try and push the boundaries to make things more immersive and certainly a lot more appealing. And considering this, we might be able to expect something like that sooner rather than later.

Will it be cheaper?

Anaconda, the main console, we assume will be pretty expensive, and Lockhart will be much more affordable. We can expect Lockhart to still have a next generation CPU, which is amazing. And it might even have an SSD too. There are also rumors of a potential subscription system, but who knows if that will happen. Microsoft is expected to come out with Xbox bundles for Scarlett. One thing is certain, preparing your Xbox cards to enjoy these new consoles will really pay off. The fact that there will be two Xbox consoles means that you’re sure to love at least one of them!

Best Black Friday Gaming Deals

Prepare to buy your PSN cards and Xbox cards, Black Friday is just around the corner and it’s coming in with some amazing sales. That’s great, because you can easily get all the stuff you’ve always wanted but didn’t want to fork out all the money for. Here is a list with some great deals you’ll want to know about.

PlayStation deals

PlayStation deals are abundant this year. Walmart, Target and Best Buy are offering a 1 TB PS4 slim for $199, which is a great deal to begin with. But add to it that they have remastered Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and The Last of Us. These companies are also offering $39 dual Black Friday Gaming Thumbnailshock controllers as well. Walmart is also having noteworthy deals on other game for Black Friday. Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be priced at $38, Borderlands will cost $30, and Red Dead Redemption 2 $30.

Xbox deals

As far as Xbox goes, you can get an Xbox One X at the Microsoft Store for $350, which is a savings of $150. You’ll also be able to purchase the X at Target, which will come with a $40 gift card and Gears 5 at the same price. Walmart and Best Buy will be selling it at the same price also, but you’ll get Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order included if you buy with these companies. The Xbox One S will be sold at $149 this Black Friday and that’s another great deal to keep in mind. For $199 you can get the S with the aforementioned Jedi game as well. The All-digital S console will cost $149, and will come with Fortnite, Minecraft, and Seat of Thieves, which is actually a good deal to keep a look out for at the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, and Walmart. Controllers will be sold at $39.99 on online stores. Also, make sure to check out the Xbox bundles that are back for the new project Scarlett.

Nintendo Switch deals

If you want a Nintendo Switch, you can get it with the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe from Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Not only that, but you can also get the Joy Con pairs for $59, which is a $20 savings. Also, the Genki USB C adapter will be priced with $10 discount. And if you want games, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Splatoon 2 will all cost $29.99. These are only a few of the many cool deals that are coming this Black Friday. One thing is certain, if you’re passionate about the idea of getting a console or new console games, this is the right time to do it. Prepare for Black Friday and you’ll surely enjoy the experience!

Xbox bundles are back for the new Project Scarlett

We are ready to have a new Xbox in roughly 12 months, so preparing your Xbox cards is a great idea. It’s an important thing to consider, but then again there might be too many options which is why the Xbox bundles are back and are ready for the new Project Scarlett Xbox that will launch next year.

What does this mean?

Microsoft is not bringing back the Xbox All Access bundle for the holidays. This is a bundle splitting the cost of an Xbox One console, the game pass, and Live over 24 months. This means you can get the X or S consoles with the game pass for as little as $19.99 per month.Xbox Thumbnail Image This monthly based bundle has the S console with 2 years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The Xbox One S bundle will be $22.99 over 24 months, the X version will be $30.99 per month. Either way these are great deals that are totally worth checking out.

Special offer for the Scarlett upgrade

Microsoft is also adding a special upgrade for the X bundle, in which you can upgrade to the Project Scarlett in 12 months. Being able to buy an X version through this program and then upgrade to the Project Scarlett when it comes out is something that could be appealing. If you add up the costs, you’ll notice that you will be saving a little bit of money, spreading your payments, and also acquiring the upgrade to the Scarlett for free. Normally that’s not possible, you just get the console and the passes, and then you live with them. That’s what really makes the Xbox bundles so good, because even if you don’t really play a whole lot of games on the X that you want to buy, the fact that you’re upgraded to the new console is pretty great. Microsoft knows the Black Friday sales are coming, so they prepared this announcement beforehand. Console sales have plummeted since people know new consoles are coming next year. So this is a great way to sell consoles and give their customers a deal.

How to stream Xbox One games on Windows PC

Now that you have your Xbox cards, you’re sure to want to play as many games with your friends as possible. Streaming Xbox One games to your Windows PC is actually quite simple and can make the experience even more fun. We’ve mapped out a step by step guide you’ll be able to enjoy playing your Xbox games on your PC. A quick note before reading all the instructions is that you’ll want your PC and Xbox One to be on the same network. And in case you’re interested, we’ve also provided you with instructions on how to convert your Xbox subscription into Game Pass Ultimate.

Streaming Xbox One games with the Xbox Console companion app

If you already have a Windows 10 version on your computer, then the Xbox Console Companion App is already installed. That being said, if it’s not, then you’ll be able to get it from the Windows Store. Once it’s on your computer, open the app and login to your Microsoft account. After you’ve signed in to the app, you’ll need to click the menu button that’s on the left hand side of the app. Now you’ll want to click on “Connections”. Then choose to add a device. At this time, the app will try to find a console in your network. It will take a little bit of time to find the console, so be patient! If the console can’t be found, you can enter your IP address and it should be able to find it that way. This is why it’s a good idea to have your PC and Xbox One to be on the same network. Once you’re connected, you’ll see that the console appears in the “now playing” section. You can click on it and the PC monitor will show the real time gameplay from your Xbox One.

Can you fix the lag?

Yes, there are ways to fix the lag. You need to make sure that you click the button at the bottom side of the screen, and then you’ll be able to see the granular details. If you want, you can also change the stream quality. It can be anything from high to low. Sometimes restarting your PC can help with the lag as well. It’s safe to say that streaming your Xbox One gameplay on a PC is possible, and it’s really not that difficult. It will take a little bit of time to customize it, but you’ll be sure to enjoy the experience. Just check it out and you’ll have it ready to go in no time!

Convert your Xbox Live subscription into Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox launched the Game Pass on PC, but at the same time it also created the Game Pass Ultimate. The Game Pass Ultimate has the Game Pass Xbox (the one for PC) and also Xbox Live all wrapped into one package. You can purchase it for $14.99 a month. If you were to buy them all separately, it would cost you double that much. If you’re already using Xbox cards and you’re the kind of person that likes to read a lot, then the Xbox Live experience is definitely one you’ll want to check out.

Can you save even more?

Right now the Game Pass for PC is in Beta, and the cool thing is that you can get the One Month Trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1. Another option is to purchase 36 months of Xbox Live Gold service in advance. At this time, you can activate the $1 trial which means you can convert the future months of service to the Game Pass Ultimate. The idea here is that you’ll need to stack these up and instead of just doing 3 years of Xbox Live Gold for $181, you’ll convert this to Game Pass Ultimate which would normally cost you around $540.Xbox Thumbnail Image

How can you do this?

Ideally, you’ll want to buy the Xbox Live Gold Subscription. It’s a good idea to opt for the 12 month increments, especially if you can find them on sale. You’ll want to add this to your account. Once you get that, you’ll be able to take advantage of the $1 Game Pass Trial. And it will automatically convert the Xbox Live time that you have into Game Pass Ultimate. It’s a really good way to save some money. The best part is that you can actually play games on your PC, or share your Windows Xbox account with a friend. One thing to keep in mind is that the offer is only for a limited time, so don’t waste any time!  

Xbox Launches Game Pass Ultimate for $15 per month

Getting Xbox cards is always a good idea if you want to buy the latest Xbox games. But now Xbox is stepping up their game. They are launching the Xbox Game Pass for PC at $9.99 per month and this is included in a new package named the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which covers both PC and Xbox for $14.99 per month.

Why is Microsoft bringing this Game Pass?

The reason is simple, Game Pass was a success on Xbox and they have most of their game versions on Windows too. So it makes a lot of sense to bring this to both PC and Xbox. And the new $15 package will cover the Xbox Pass for PC, as well as Xbox Live Gold. The only issue is that you will essentially have to stick to a particular environment, and that means commitment.

Can you cancel and then resubscribe?Xbox Thumbnail Image

Just like many subscription programs out there, the Xbox game pass will be very easy to cancel at any time. You will also be able to resubscribe without any issues. So you can definitely try it out without any fear that you’ll be stuck in a long term commitment.

Is the price good?

Basically, the Game Pass for PC will be $9.99 when it’s out of beta. Xbox Live is already that price per month, same with the Game Pass for Windows. So this deal gives you the great Ultimate price at $15 instead of $29.97. Honestly that’s a bargain, considering that you get to use the console and enjoy games on PC as well. It’s a discount even if you don’t want to use the PC game pass. But honestly this is a great investment with the PC version as well, because there are tons of games here which are coming to PC for the first time. That being said, you also have some great deals right now. For the beta version of the PC pass, you can pay $1 for the first month, same with the others. It’s extremely affordable considering the price. We definitely recommend you try out the Xbox Game Pass, especially at this price!

Apple TV and iOS will soon support Xbox One and PS4 controllers

Apple TV and iOS will be bringing in support for PS4’s Dual Shock console controllers, as well as Xbox One S controllers. This will only include the original controllers for now, not any third party ones. So make sure to get your Xbox One and PSN cards now so you can play all your favorite games with these great controllers on Apple devices.

Will there be any exclusive games?

For now, no one is saying anything about ports or console games coming to Apple. But having the console support along with the Remote Play app, which was released in March, your iPhone and iPad is essentially a portable PS4. You’ll find that the app allows you to have all of the same PS4-related controls. Unfortunately, some games aren’t compatible with the app, so make sure to keep that in mine. However, this PS5 Thumbnailcontroller support could also increase the use of other gaming apps, such as the recently released Steam Link app for iOS. So as long as your PC and mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can stream your steam games to an iPhone or iPad. And we also have Steam cards available to make all of your Steam purchases as efficiently as possible.

You will have controller support very soon

The new updates are set to arrive with the iOS 13 version, and the new tvOS that will be released around the end of the summer. It’s also been rumored that Apple will also be releasing Apple Arcade, a curated subscription service that will work on iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS. Apparently, there will be around 100 new and exclusive games that will be available on the platform. So it does makes sense for Apple to add controller support, as they don’t currently have their own controller. And adding a third party controller on their OS would pretty much be a bust for most people. But with the support of Xbox One and PS4 controllers on Apple devices, the possibilities could really open up for gamers in many ways.

Gamer Customer of the Week – Arlan

For the second week in April, we are featuring Arlan from the Philippines! We sent him some questions to learn a bit about what he loves most about gaming and how he’s using our PlayStation cards.

How old are you, and where are you located?

I’m 25 years old, and live in the Philippines.

Tell us something special or unique about where you live, or why you like it?

Here in the Philippines, even though people experience hardship (Typhoons, and other natural calamity), they still have smiles on their faces.

What kind of system/console are you gaming on? (Generation, Tech specs, etc)

Playstation 4 Pro, 1tb. (You can check out our blog Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 to compare consoles)

What is your gamer tag?


How long have you been gaming?Gamer Thumbnail

I’ve been gaming for 20 years.

What was your first video game? Tell us your favorite story about it.

Red Alert was my first video game, and I still think it’s the best PC game. I really love how the story progresses and how futuristic the weapons are even though it was way back!

What games do you currently play?

Monster Hunter

How much time do you currently spend gaming?

Less then 5 hours!

Have you entered any gaming competitions? If so, which ones?


What in your opinion makes for a good video game?

Having a great story progression, sets of items, Lore items (rare items), which makes it challenging. But even more, social function is a must.

What are your thoughts on Console gaming vs. PC gaming vs. Mobile gaming? Do you have a favorite?

My preference are mobile games because they are easy to use and can be used anywhere.

What feature would you like to see added to the current gaming environment?

The sense of touch. This would allow users to feel the game experience.

Why do you use MyGiftCardSupply to purchase gift cards?

To give gifts to my friends in the US!

What other things interest you, besides gaming?


If you want to know more about Arlan, you can find him on twitter @

Thank you Arlan for participating in MyGiftCardSupply’s Gamer Customer of the Week! 

All of Arlan’s friends and family can use the coupon “ARLAN5OFF” to get 5% OFF on their next purchase on our site!

What Makes the Xbox Giftcard the Ideal Gift for Gamers?

We all know about the continued competition between Sony’s PlayStation and Xbox, but what makes the Xbox the best option for real gamers? For starters, the Xbox One offers backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games. It also boasts large expandable storage capability which makes it easy to expand the storage of the console. Some players would also dare say that Xbox One has one of the best gaming controllers. And compared to the PS4, the Xbox One has more exclusive games. Apart from buying games in physical form, players can also purchase games through an Xbox Gift Card directly to online suppliers like MyGiftCardSupply. Additionally, an Xbox Digital Gift Card can be used for new map packs, songs and workouts for the games you already own. If you own an Xbox One, you can use the gift card to purchase your favorite apps. These cards can be used with the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows, and let you not only shop games and items for games, you can also purchase premium entertainment, including HD movies, TV shows you are currently following, and sports, music and live events.

But, how to redeem them?redeem-your-gift-xbox-card

On your Xbox One, you can redeem the card by saying “Xbox, use a code.” If you do not have Kinect, you should go to Games and then choose “Use a code.” You can either enter the code manually or use the Kinect sensor to read the QR code On your computer, you can redeem the gift card by going to When you get there, click the Redeem button, type in your code and then click Confirm. On your phone, go to the Wallet app and then tap the Add button found at the bottom of the screen. Select Microsoft gift card and enter your code.
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