MyGiftCardSupply Supports Net Neutrality

There’s an important discussion going on in the US within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and it’s called Net Neutrality.

Right now, much of the world enjoys a free, open, and unregulated internet service from their Internet Service Provider (ISP). When you load one page, such as Google, it loads at the same speed as another page, such as Bing or Yahoo.

There are a lot of benefits to this openness and neutrality. For one, if you want to start a blog, or a podcast, or an e-commerce business, you simply just register a domain, setup a website, and immediately you can begin competing with big companies such as Google and Amazon. If you want to create the next Facebook, you only need to compete with them on the product.

With the abolishment of Net Neutrality, this could all change very quickly.

With the current regulations, ISPs cannot favor one company or another, no matter how much they pay. The lack of this regulation would allow a large company like Facebook (Even though they support Net Neutrality, thank God.) to pay your cell phone company to have them load your website slower and their website faster.

This creates a huge imbalance and gives companies with big wallets a huge advantage, and smaller businesses a giant disadvantage.

The openness of the internet would be severely disrupted, and the ability to open a business and compete fairly with larger businesses would go away.

This was a huge factor in bringing MyGiftCardSupply to life. I started this business selling US iTunes gift cards one-by-one online, as a small store with no money to start. I was able to acquire one customer at a time, and slowly build this into a business with six team members and selling gift cards to almost every country on earth.

It was easy for us to reach out to people in the start who were looking to buy an iTunes gift card. And when they loaded our website, even though we were brand new and only been around for a few months, the website loaded just as fast as Google, Apple or Facebook.

Without Net Neutrality, we could have been held down by a larger company with a larger budget to spend on keeping our website from loading fast.

Fast loading speeds not only affect customer experience, but they also affect things like Google search rankings, as well as how much end up spending on Google ads. Google charges more money if you are sending traffic to a slow website.

Let’s not squander this opportunity to keep the internet open and free. It’s such a beautiful thing to have open and fair communication, as well as business competition. The users and the customers are the ones who win in this open and free environment. Don’t let the large corporations think their bank balances can decide who wins.

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