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How to access Spotify from outside the United States

Since you’re reading this, you already probably know.. Spotify is extremely limited outside the United States. For this reason, we created this article to help you access your Spotify subscription service to anywhere in the world.

The things you will need to access Spotify subscription services outside the US:

  1. Spotify Account configured to United States
  2. VPN service to mask your location
  3. Optional Spotify Premium Subscription

1.) Create a Spotify Account

To create a Spotify account, visit and click the to Log-in. At this login box, there is a link to register an account if you don’t already have one.

When you register your account, make sure you select United States as your country.

2.) Use VPN service to mask your location

To mask your location, you need to use a “VPN” service.

The service we recommend is called HMA – Hide My Ass. Our customers have had great success using this service, and their software can be ran on any computer and most mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad.

3.) Optional Spotify Premium Subscription

If you enjoy the Spotify application, but wish to enjoy the premium benefits such as ad-free listening, being able to select any song you want at anytime, and save music for offline viewing, you may want to upgrade your subscription to Spotify’s Premium Service for $9.99 USD per month.

To upgrade your account, you’re going to need to add money to your Spotify account balance. To do this easily, you need to purchase a Spotify Gift Card, then redeem it to your account.

Once you have redeemed your Spotify gift card, choose Upgrade to Premium, and begin enjoying your unlimited Spotify music from anywhere in the world!

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