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Toss a Coin to your Witcher available on Spotify and Apple Music

At the end of last year The Witcher TV series managed to impress people from all over the world with its great content and tremendous value. But the cool thing is that now, if you buy iTunes cards and Spotify cards, you will be able to stream the amazing music from it on Apple Music and Spotify.

Toss a Coin to Your Witcher became a global phenomenon

As soon as people listened to this song, they became obsessed. The interesting thing about the Toss a Coin to Your Witcher song is that it’s Spotify thumbnailreally catchy, a lot of fun and very appealing. Thankfully we have more than just this song, we have the whole score, which is a great thing for everyone interested in this series. John Batey, the actor that plays Jaskier the bard stated the song was catchy even for him while it was prepared. And we can imagine why, it’s something very different than what we usually see. Every time something new and cool like this appears, it ends up catching the world by storm and in the end it’s just nice to see how everything is coming together in a clever and wonderful manner.

Netflix was caught by surprise

Let’s face it, Netflix expected the show to be a success, but at the same time they also didn’t see the success of this song. They maybe thought some people would like it, but the success is certainly overwhelming. And that’s great for the cast and for the series itself. Apparently Netflix is very happy with the success of the series and they are set to bring in more and more content like this to the table. Which is what really matters in the end. Apparently The Witcher has reached more than 79 million households all over the world. On top of that, Season 2 is on the way, but it might arrive in 2021 and not this year. It’s still something really cool to explore and check out, and hopefully there will be many more seasons to continue this amazing first season and its story. It’s still cool to see all these things come together so nicely, and if you love the song you can get your iTunes cards and Spotify cards!

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