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How does a Karma Koin card convert to NX Points?

he recent merger between Karma Koin and Nexon has created a little confusion in how these cards are used to get your NX points. Since the merger, Nexon has discontinued the production of their NX cards. In their replacement, they’re using Karma Koin cards to be used instead. If you currently own a NX card, there is no need to worry, your points won’t expire, and you can redeem them anytime. If you want to fund your account with NX points, you will need to use a Karma Koin card. How many NX points will I receive from a Karma Koin card? The conversion is very easy. You get 1000 NX points for every $1 USD value on the gift card. For further example: $10 Karma Koin card: 10,000 NX points $25 Karma Koin card: 25,000 NX points $50 Karma Koin card: 50,000 NX points Karma Koin, and NX points lets you make purchases at many sites and games without giving your credit card or personal details. Karma Koin is still donating 1% of their revenue to charities working towards world issues such as cancer research, AIDS, nature and wildlife, and global relief.
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