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Karma Koin Cards delivered to your E-Mail

Use a Karma Koin card to shop your favorite stores, without the privacy risk or using your own credit card. It’s the most secure form of payment, while also giving back to the community with each purchase!


Pay securely, without a credit card

Most of the things we want to buy online require a credit card to pay. The problem with credit cards is they are unsecure, and are a huge threat to our privacy. Karma Koin solves the problem with its digital currency. Simply convert your money to Karma Koin and shop safely, knowing that your personal information isn't stored on anyone's server.

The Most enlightened Way to Pay Online

Karma Koin is known online as the "enlightened" way to buy games online, which keeps getting stronger with each tablet or gaming device that is released. Addition to being an awesome way to pay, Karma Koin donates 1% of all purchases go towards charity.

Karma Koin Card FAQ

How fast will my Karma Koin card be emailed?
All gift cards are processed within minutes of your order. If everything looks good with your billing credentials, your order will be processed and sent within a few minutes. If it is your first time ordering, it is possible we will need some extra time to process your first order. Save the time shopping around and waiting for fulfillment, we will have your code sent quickly to your inbox.
Where can I use my Karma Koin Card?
Any website that accepts Karma Koin will allow you to use your "koins". Choose Karma Koin as your method of payment, and the site will guide you the rest of the way. Karma Koin will make a 1% donation for every purchase you make. Karma Koin is extremely popular in the gaming and music community with thousands of games and service sites to chose from. Many new stores are opening everyday which accept Karma Koin as a payment method.
How do I redeem my Karma Koin card?
Unlike most gift cards where you hold a balance on an account, Karma Koin cards are redeemed during the checkout process of the goods or services product you are buying. During checkout, you will select the method of payment and use the code provided to pay. It's the fastest way to convert your cash into online digital currency to pay for games and music. We also have a dedicated page with questions related on how to redeem your Karma Koin card here.
Help! I'm having troubles!
If you are having troubles redeeming your gift card, or need any other support related help please send an email to [email protected] We do everything we can to make sure you have a great shopping experience and receive your gift card quickly.