Policy for Refunds on Crypto Overpayments

Policy for Refunds on Crypto Overpayments

[Revised: January 3, 2023]

At MyGiftCardSupply, we are committed to ensuring you a smooth and transparent transaction process for all of our customers. In certain occasions when paying with crypto, a typo or other transfer error might occur, where the amount sent to us was more than intended, resulting in an overpayment. Below is our outline on how we will address an overpayment.

Notification of Overpayment

If you’ve noticed an overpayment has occurred, go to our customer support page and submit a ticket with your order number so we can look this up for you.

Refund process

Once we have confirmed the overpayment on your order, we will begin the process of refunding the excess amount that was sent. For security reasons, as well as good anti-money laundering practices, we will only refund the excess amount to the original wallet address in the coin that the order was paid in.

Refund amount calculation

Due to the nature of network and conversion fees that occur when you send the payment, when we convert to a stable coin, and then convert back to the original payment coin, and send it again, the fees can start to add up. We will do our best to calculate these fees as accurately as possible, but this is sometimes hard to do and very tedious, so therefore there will be a minimum 5% processing fee on refunding all cryptocurrency transactions in addition to any network fees that are required to send the money back to the original wallet.

Timeframe for refunds

Because this is a tedious process, please allow 3-5 business days for us to complete your transfer back to you. Often for smaller transactions this can be much faster, but the larger the transaction the longer time these refunds might take.

Exchange Rate Fluctuations

Because the price of crypto is always changing, we will always do our calculation on what the price was at the time you made the transfer, and then correlate that to the current price at the time of the refund. Anytime between these two actions we convert the currency to stable coin, so you do not need to worry about market fluctuations regarding your refund.

Thank you for your support of MyGiftCardSupply as well as supporting cryptocurrencies as a viable payment method.

If you have any questions regarding this refund policy please contact customer support.

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