Nintendo Switch can now run Android

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Nintendo Switch is a great console that has some fun games. Those are reasons why people buy Nintendo e-shop cards all the time. This is a great console to enjoy a whole lot of games, and you will love how entertaining it can be. And now, it also runs on Android!

A creative way to run a new operating system

When you prepare to buy Steam cards, you rarely think twice as there are a lot of games on the platform. But with Nintendo’s shop things are a bit different. They are offering you Android as well. The idea behind this is to bring you an unofficial port of the LineageOS15.1 This is designed to help you use Twitch, Spotify, YouTube and so on.

A lot of people have already tried it, and it really works in a masterful way. It’s quite exhilarating and a pleasure to enjoy, but at the same time it’s simple and convenient, exactly what you really want to have from a game like this all the time.Nintendo Thumbnail Image

It’s based on NVIDIA code

Nvidia actually wanted to ape Nintendo and create their own console. But now they’re actually offering a Nvidia Shield OS build to stack up and make things better for you. It’s actually quite liberating and exciting to have this type of stuff working on a console. The attention to detail and the experience itself is staggering, and they aren’t rushing or pushing it too much. Instead, it works great and it delivers some adaptable and cool features that a lot of people will enjoy having and using for a while.

What you have to keep in mind is that this is not going perfectly. The controllers work pretty well, but there are still some compatibility issues. There are still ports, so it will take a while to refine it. Yet the sheer fact that it exists is an amazing thing.

And there are limitations too. You don’t have video DRM, there’s no USB storage support, the Wi-Fi can stop working randomly, and not all Bluetooth headsets are supported. If you get past the minor challenges, you will still love this because it’s something different and fun. You rarely get such tech advances, so when they appear it’s a good idea to celebrate and enjoy them!

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