Amazon Prime Students can now get Amazon Music Unlimited for only $0.99

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We’re all focused on getting Amazon cards as we try to find the best possible deals out there and enjoy some of what Amazon has to offer. The challenge is that for some people, Amazon services can be pretty expensive. Currently, Amazon is trying to do something about that by offering a less expensive music membership.

You need to be a student to take advantage of this

The new price of $0.99 for Amazon Music Unlimited is available only if you are on a Student Prime plan. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay the Amazon Thumbnail Imageregular price. That being said, existing customers can add on unlimited music. And new college students can actually get a trial for 6 months.

Normally, it costs $7.99 for regular customers. But they’re wanting to battle Spotify, so they need any upper hand that they can get right now. And in this case, the Amazon Music Unlimited price makes a lot of sense. We aren’t sure whether they’ll give a discount for all customers in the near future, so we’ll have to wait and see.

After 6 months, the price increases

Yes, after the 6-month trial at that price, you’ll have to start paying the regular $6.49 Student price for Amazon’s Unlimited Music. You will have the $1 Amazon Music Unlimited add-on, if you want. It’s more expensive when compared to Apple Music, but you also get video and audio streaming services with this. Not to mention prime deliveries. It’s a pretty great deal, and it’s clear that Amazon is trying it’s hardest to offer the best value to their customers.

Is this going to be enough for students to gravitate to Amazon Music Unlimited? The service is great, not as comprehensive as Spotify, but it does have a huge selection of content. Only time will tell whether more people will shift to Amazon Music Unlimited. But this is a good service, and making it so inexpensive for students will most likely have its benefits. Whether it will stick or not is hard to tell, but even then having such an option is always nice to have.

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