Buy iTunes Card Online to Help You Whittle Down Your Reading List Faster

Your idea of a fun time is curling up in your favorite nook in your house, a cup of coffee nearby, while reading your favorite book.

However, with all your commitments at work and at home, your pile of books to read has grown taller each month. Sure, you’d like to spend quality time with your books, but your schedule is too crowded.

Why not consider listening to audio books to help you whittle down your reading list?

Some people scoff at the idea of listening to audio books, saying that is not equivalent to reading. However, plenty of people, including authors, say that dismissing audio books is plain snobbery.

Acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman says, “I don’t believe there are books I’ve never ‘read’ because I have only heard them, or poems I’ve not experienced because I’ve only heard the poets read them. Actually, I believe that if the writer is someone who can communicate well aloud (some writers can’t), you often get much more insight into a story or poem by hearing it.”

Apart from helping you tame the pile of your books still left unread, audio books offer a few key advantages. Chief of these is the ability to listen to these practically anywhere—while driving, running on a treadmill, or even grocery shopping. Furthermore, if you peruse iTunes’ offerings, you will soon discover that there are plenty of books to choose from, ranging from classics, comedy, history, sci-fi and sports to biographies, business, religion and romance.

How do you get started?

You may want to buy iTunes card online to help you get started with your audio book collection. Browse through iTunes and purchase titles that catch your attention. Better yet, start with titles that you have already read and are familiar with. This will help you get a fair idea of what it is like to listen to audio books. After finishing a favorite title, you can now explore other audio books.

One of the key factors you might want to consider in choosing an audio book is finding the right narrator. Often, the right narrator can enhance your listening experience. Sometimes, you may want to start with a narrator with a familiar accent.

Next, find the right app to listen to your audio library. A good app will help you keep track of the progress of the story. These apps can also help you “bookmark” certain passages in the audio book.

After a few tries, you might discover that listening to audio books is as pleasurable as actually reading a book. From there, you can mix both types of books in order to help you finish your pile of unread books quicker.

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