Getting What You Need Online: ITunes Gift Card Uses for Your Own Year-end Rewards

Presents are shared with others to express your love or gratitude. To demonstrate how much you care for them, to let them know that they are appreciated. Don’t wait to celebrate your presence in each other’s lives.

A gift for you, too

That’s right. In your haste to be able to remember and give things that other people would love to have for Christmas, or in an effort to fit everyone into your budget, your own desire for a little indulgence may fall to the wayside.

But there’s no reason why you can’t live a little this Christmas—and no one says you have to spend a truckload of money on your gift to yourself, either. Since you spend quite a bit of time online, iTunes gift card purchases can be all you need to bring some light and joy to your own home.

Curious to discover what you can get with iTunes gift cards? Here’s a brief list:

Books. You feel a little guilty about not being able to work through the still-growing reading list you’ve created for yourself for 2015. Now, you can take up your reading habit once more by getting your preferred e-book titles and reading them on your tablet or other device even while you’re on the go. There’s also the option of purchasing audiobooks with your gift card so that you can simply listen and get your daily dose of literature.

Music. Who doesn’t like to listen to music? Granted, different people will have different genre preferences and listening styles, but there is hardly anyone to be found who doesn’t like even just one musical artist or song. Whether you’re the type to snap on giant headphones and bask in the booming glory of rock music on full volume (while commuting or even working), or one who fills an MP3 player with soothing jazz and bossa nova tunes that you can play on loudspeaker and sashay to while whipping up dinner, your iTunes gift card is sure to help you find great tunes to tune the world out to.

Games. If mobile devices, in your opinion, were invented to enable you to enter fantasy worlds, take up different characters and roles, go on quests, complete missions, and compete with others, then games would be great things to use your gift card on. From simple puzzles to hardcore role-playing games, you’ll want for nothing in the playing department.

Apps. If your smartphone or tablet is crucial to getting through life without any mishaps—helping you wake up on time, keep track of to-do lists, remember appointments, crunch numbers, compile photos, etc.—then apps would be great buys. You can use your Christmas gift cards to get all the productivity, entertainment and photo apps you need (among others) so that life can go on without a hitch.

Whatever you need to fully experience Christmas cheer, wholesome indulgence, and a whole lot of fun, your iTunes gift card will be able to provide.

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