Recommend Apps When Giving an iTunes Gift Card With PayPal

You don’t want to go out and fret over what to get somebody for a present, so you take the safe route and buy them an iTunes gift card with PayPal. If you’re afraid that they might consider it too impersonal, you can take the time to make suggestions as to music, movies, games, and other apps that they might like. If you do this, they’re bound to appreciate your present better.

While it might not seem that it took a lot of effort to choose to get an iTunes gift card with PayPal, you can make the gesture more thoughtful by accompanying it with your personal recommendations.

To give you an idea, the following apps are some that are really popular with the general public:

  • Heads Up! – Ellen DeGeneres may be credited for propelling this game to fame, but it’s a really fun and engaging ice-breaker. You basically hold your device on your forehead and your friends get you to guess the word on the screen by acting it out or describing it. Besides providing the game itself, your phone also records your friends acting out the mystery words.
  • Monument Valley – It was iPad Game of the Year in 2014. A puzzle game that has you guiding a princess through a beautiful world, it is noted for its amazing graphics.
  • Sky Guide – You don’t have to be an astronomy buff to like this app that identifies stars, constellations, and satellites as you hold your device up towards the sky.
  • Dark Sky – This is a very handy app if you’re always concerned about what kind of weather is up ahead. This one offers accurate weather information for your location and can be enabled to notify you regarding rain or snow that’s headed your way.
  • Workflow – This is a popular productivity app that allows you to drag and drop tasks to create workflows. It lets you establish automated paths to make ordinary actions more efficient. Some of the more common paths are deleting photos, calculating tips, hailing a car, and finding a coffee shop.
  • Motion X 24/7 Sleeptracker – It’s a health-monitoring app that tracks your activity, footsteps, weight, and sleep. It also measures your pulse or heart rate by registering your average number of heart beats per minute. This app is compatible with HealthKit.

Of course, if you’re familiar with your recipients’ personality and preferences, you can recommend more specific apps that they may enjoy.

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