​Gifting With an iTunes Card – Email Delivery Is Most Convenient

If you are a proud Apple device owner, then you have an idea of just how much of a treasure trove the iTunes Store is. It’s the place to get your fill of content. From music and games to movies and TV shows, it’s the kind of entertainment superstore people used to dream of in a time before smartphones. It also includes the App Store, where you can find a veritable sea of applications, both free and paid for, to download for your device.

Even better, the iTunes store also caters to those who use a PC, so it’s really a great shopping center for most people. Considering this, it’s understandable why an iTunes gift card has become a popular present to give for birthdays and the holidays. You just can’t go wrong with it.

Now, if you were the giver, you have the option of sending the iTunes gift card physically or electronically. If you’re of the set that thinks a present doesn’t feel like a gift unless you’re handing over something tangible, you can find physical gift cards at most supermarkets and department stores.

With physical cards, the redeeming process will transpire in the following manner. Your recipients will remove the packaging and turn the card over to find the bar code, which is typically a 16-digit number. If they’re using an iPhone or an iPad, they need to open their App Store app and sign in with their Apple ID, after which, they enter their 16-digit code and click “Redeem.” In some countries, the device’s camera may be used to read the code, making the process even easier.

On the other hand, if they’re using a desktop or a laptop, they’ll need to open iTunes and click “Redeem.” They have to make sure that they’re logged in to their account and then enter the 16-digit code. Again, in some countries, the camera may be used to read the code.

While being able to hand over something concrete may seem more satisfying, in the case of an iTunes gift card, sending it electronically is far more convenient. With an iTunes card, email delivery means a much simpler redemption process. All your recipients need to do is click the “Redeem Now” button and then log into their iTunes account.

It’s generally more efficient to electronically send an iTunes card. Email delivery also ensures that the gift doesn’t get lost or misplaced. If you really want to hand your recipients something tangible, you can give them greeting cards with a note indicating that you emailed them an iTunes voucher.

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