Xbox Launches Game Pass Ultimate for $15 per month

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Getting Xbox cards is always a good idea if you want to buy the latest Xbox games. But now Xbox is stepping up their game. They are launching the Xbox Game Pass for PC at $9.99 per month and this is included in a new package named the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which covers both PC and Xbox for $14.99 per month.

Why is Microsoft bringing this Game Pass?

The reason is simple, Game Pass was a success on Xbox and they have most of their game versions on Windows too. So it makes a lot of sense to bring this to both PC and Xbox. And the new $15 package will cover the Xbox Pass for PC, as well as Xbox Live Gold. The only issue is that you will essentially have to stick to a particular environment, and that means commitment.

Can you cancel and then resubscribe?Xbox Thumbnail Image

Just like many subscription programs out there, the Xbox game pass will be very easy to cancel at any time. You will also be able to resubscribe without any issues. So you can definitely try it out without any fear that you’ll be stuck in a long term commitment.

Is the price good?

Basically, the Game Pass for PC will be $9.99 when it’s out of beta. Xbox Live is already that price per month, same with the Game Pass for Windows. So this deal gives you the great Ultimate price at $15 instead of $29.97. Honestly that’s a bargain, considering that you get to use the console and enjoy games on PC as well. It’s a discount even if you don’t want to use the PC game pass. But honestly this is a great investment with the PC version as well, because there are tons of games here which are coming to PC for the first time.

That being said, you also have some great deals right now. For the beta version of the PC pass, you can pay $1 for the first month, same with the others. It’s extremely affordable considering the price. We definitely recommend you try out the Xbox Game Pass, especially at this price!

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