How to Redeem an iTunes card with your iPhone camera

Apple has created a very convenient method for redeeming your iTunes gift cards on your mobile device by simply using the camera on the back. No more fumbling through the “XBHW828S2G7Z27” looking code as you can simply open your iTunes app and redeem with out typing a single character!

In this tutorial below we will go over the steps you need to redeem your gift card from your mobile device. These instructions are the same for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Before you begin, make sure you have an internet connection to your device, or if it’s an iPHone make sure you have cellular coverage. The iTunes app will use the internet to send the code to Apple’s server to make sure the iTunes gift card is legit. It also helps to be in a well lit room so the camera can read the back of the card successfully.

Steps for iPhone, iPad or IPod Touch

1.) Open iTunes app. (You can also find this feature in iBooks or App Store)

2.) Scroll to the bottom of the app and find Redeem

3.) Sign into your iTunes account using your Apple ID

If you’re using a US iTunes gift card from outside the US, make sure you’re log in to your US iTunes account. 

4.) Tap Use Camera. You can also type the card manually if you wish.

5.) Hold the camera up to the gift card.

If you purchased your iTunes gift card from MyGiftCardSupply you can hold the camera directly to the screen and it will read the code from your monitor.

6.) You should now see a message that reads “You’ve successfully redeemed your code.”

Congrats! Now you can begin using your iTunes gift card on anything digital available in the iTunes store, App store and also iBooks store.

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