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​Why We Love PSN Cards

PSN cards can be considered to be among the pioneer purchasing options in the digital marketplace. You could use them at the PlayStation Store, which was first introduced in 2006 for the PS3. It has since been renamed the Sony Entertainment Network Store, which has expanded to include the PSP, Vita, and PS4 systems.

How does a PSN card work?

It basically contains a code that you can use to redeem credits in the PlayStation Store using any of the eligible devices.

What’s the point in using PSN cards?

Wouldn’t it be simpler to just buy games, movies, apps, etc. using a credit card?

Therein actually lies one of the benefits of buying with a PSN card. It definitely provides a safer, more secure purchasing method. If you remember, the PlayStation Network was hacked back in April of 2011, causing Sony to close down its online gaming service. Millions of accounts were compromised with the hackers being privy to Sony’s customers’ private details. Thankfully, the credit card information itself was encrypted; nonetheless, the damage was done and many customers made the move to unlink their credit cards from their accounts in PlayStation Network even after Sony resolved the issue.

Sony may have gotten a handle on the situation, but the incident gave all parties plenty to think about. Hackers are an impressive lot, and it’s logical to assume that they will always find ways to breach secure networks. While it’s fair to assume that companies like Sony are always working to stay ahead of the hackers, it’s just safer to simply use a PSN card for purchasing items from the store.

Besides security, another advantage that PSN cards carry is the ability to be turned into gift cards to give to others. They’re actually very popular as stocking stuffers for Christmas. They’re also ideal presents to give to those who are far away from you. You can send the card or code via email and your recipient can redeem it without having to get up and leave the house. As far as gifts go, they’re very convenient to both give and receive.

While games that are available as discs still make the rounds, digital downloads are becoming more and more popular. There are also games that are only available as digital titles. Sometimes, they come out initially in digital form and take some time before they become available as discs.

It’s quite reasonable to assume that publishers prefer digital downloads as well. Without having to produce the material elements, such as the disc, the case, and the manual, they are able to save money. Going digital also does away with the possibility of unsold stock. It certainly makes the middleman and his percentage irrelevant.

PSN cards definitely provide the better purchasing option for anybody who wants to shop at the Sony Entertainment Network Store.

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