How to use a VPN service through Apple TV

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Buying an Apple TV can be a great idea due to its streaming capabilities. However, if you want to stream content from sources other than Netflix, you might need a VPN. VPNs will also protect your identity and will keep you anonymous in the online world. 

Installing a VPN on Apple TV

  • Obtain the DNS server IP from the VPN provider.
  • On the Apple TV, go to Settings/General/Apple TV/Language and then select the iTunes Store Location to the one in your VPN. (Also, if you need to fund your US iTunes account, our iTunes gift cards are a fast and easy way!)
  • Now go to Settings, then Network and then select Wi-Fi. From here, select Configure DNS and then choose Manual instead of Automatic. This gives you more control and delivers stellar support.
  • After you change the DNS to manual, you simply have to add the DNS server IP from the VPN and then choose Done.
  • Make sure to restart your Apple TV in order for these changes to be applied successfully.

Choosing the best VPN for your Apple TV

Express VPN is widely known as one of the highest rated VPN solutions on the market and could be the best option if you’re looking for a VPN for your Apple TV. It is reasonably priced, has great reviews and reliable service. Express VPN is consistent, trustworthy and it always pushes the boundaries when it comes to quality and dependability. 

If you want to use a VPN service on your Apple TV, you certainly want to consider Express VPN. It works great and you can install it on just about any device. It’s one of the better tools on the market for people who want to enjoy all kinds of content without any restriction. If you think this service sounds like the right option for you, you can purchase it hassle free through MyGiftCardSupply.

However, if you’re still wondering what other VPN options are out there and want to know which VPN is best for your online streaming needs, MyGiftCardSupply still has you covered. It has ranked various VPN options by Cheapest Price, Most Popular, and Most Supported Devices to assist you in your VPN search. 

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