Fortnite Season 5 Launches Today!

We are super excited to announce the newest season of the popular, and never ending and evolving game Fortnite! Following the rocket launch event that put a huge rip in the sky, there are now more mysteries to solve than ever before.

Map Changes

Fortnite's All Terrain Kart

No matter what device you are gaming on, PSN, Xbox, Apple Devices or Nintendo, the following updates should apply. While certain devices have more specific changes, Season 5 is an update for all devices! MyGiftCardSupply is happy to supply you with PSN Gift Cards, Xbox Gift Cards, iTunes gift cards, and of course many more to help you experience the most of Fortnite’s Season 5!

With the new features, one includes a portal, which transport you to a different part of the map and parachute you into new territory. Other changes include Moisty Mire being completely replaced by a desert, with the addition also of a… golf course? The possibilities are truly endless with this game.

Anarchy Acres, known most popularly for it’s mass chaos and anarchy, now features the aforementioned golf course. And what game of golf would be complete without an All Terrain Kart.

The All Terrain Kart is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting features of the Season 5 update. It can fit all 4 people form your squad, and it drives and physics engine from the game feels fantastic. The roof of the Kart can also be used as a bounce pad, propelling you to hard to reach areas of the map.

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Season 5: Battle Pass

As you probably already know, with each new season, comes an entirely new Battle Pass! Season 5’s battle pass includes all new unlock-able challenges, and you can even play golf or basketball with other players!

For our Nintendo Switch players, you now have access to gyro controls, and for players who game on the Save the World mode, there is a new western theme worth checking out.

Other Notable Changes

  • Brand new skins
  • New “Flintlock” weapon set
  • Rifts (A new mode on map of Battle Royal)

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