My first 30 days with Apple’s new iPhone X

I wanted to share a quick post about my first 30 days with Apple’s new iPhone X. After ordering online and getting a “4-6 week shipping” window, I was lucky enough to find one in a local Apple store just a couple days later and cancel my online order.

For reference, my previous phone was the iPhone 6S Plus with 64GB. For the iPhone X I went with the black one and 256GB because my previous phone was right on the brink of being full.

So without further ado, let’s get into some of the things that really stand out to me with the new iPhone.

New screen looks amazing

I am mentioning this one first, because it’s predominantly the feature of the new phone that stands out to me the most still, day-to-day. It’s incredible. Sometimes it doesn’t even look like a screen. A friend of mine said it looks like there’s a sticker on the phone.

A lot of our customers use it to watch movies from the US iTunes Store, which I think would definitely be the most enjoyable on this new phone!

In my opinion, the screen really stands out to me the most when it’s black text on a white background such as text messages, emails, and new articles.

No home button is actually really fast

In my opinion this is the biggest addition (or reduction?) with Apple’s new iPhone X. It took me roughly an entire 30 minutes to get completely used to it, and let me tell you; it’s incredibly fast!

It’s hard to imagine how this would be more convenient, but it really is! A flick of your finger seems to be much more fluid than locating and pressing the button in the middle of the phone. And the funniest part is when I pick up an older iPhone now I try to swipe up to go back. It comes very naturally and has a great flow in the usage of the phone.

The other thing that Apple has done with this new screen real estate is make a really nice feature for switching between apps. With the new screen all you need to do is slide your finger left or right along the bottom to go to previously loaded apps. This is incredibly effective and super speedy, and maybe my favorite feature with the new real estate.

New camera is beautiful!

As someone who loves taking photos, I really enjoy having access to a nice camera. Prior to having the iPhone 6S, I had a nice mirrorless SLR camera from Sony that I took a lot of my photos from, and when I went traveling I really enjoyed that camera. As soon as I upgraded to the 6S I knew this was a nice enough camera to be able to ditch my SLR when I travel.

I kept the SLR handy when I would want to take a really professional photograph, but I feel the iPhone X is chaining that. With a dual 12MP ((f/1.8, 28mm) + (f/2.4, 52mm)), taking a professional grade photo is at the tap of a button. The dual-lens system makes single focus photos incredibly beautiful. There are certainly things I could do with my SLR that I can’t do with the iPhone X, but i don’t miss them enough to carry around all that heavy and also expensive equipment.

I don’t know enough about video to speak of the video recorder with any expertise, but I can say that when I go back and play videos I recorded, it’s incredible!

It’s really fast!

One thing that I really like about ANY new phone, is the speed! I cannot find an app or anything that really lags the phone any, and I really appreciate this! I often find myself juggling between different communication apps, email, and a web browser, and to have the speed to handle the multitude of tasks is incredibly effective.

The only thing I can find that lags it out is when I am trying to use a US iTunes gift card using the iTunes app. My favorite way to get to this screen is to hard press the iTunes app and then go to redeem. It always takes this page like 5 seconds to load, which doesn’t sound like a long time, but everything else on the phone is almost instant.

The size is perfect

When I upgraded to the iPhone 6S, I went with the Plus model. I really liked having the extra screen for reading long emails, texting, and pretty much everything! The only thing I wasn’t too crazy about was the size of the phone, and how much space it took up on my pocket.

The iPhone X brings the best of both worlds. It actually has more screen than the previous Plus versions of the iPhone, while having more of the physical footprint size of the regular iPhones.

The best part for me, is the iPhone X is about the same width as the previous phones so typing with one hand and holding it in general is much more comfortable.

Speakers are nice and loud

So this is one of the main reasons I wanted to upgrade to the iPhone X. Most people who know me know I’m frugal and don’t like to spend money where it isn’t needed. My old phone’s speakers were completely wasted. Because I run a business and I am on the phone a lot, having speakerphone and having your hands free is a big convenience factor.

The speaker on the iPhone X is very crisp and very loud. I can easily put the volume to a level where I can comfortably hear someone while I am driving or in a public space even. Playing music on the speaker is also nice, although I don’t use that feature very much because I have an Amazon Echo for that purpose.

No aux cable hasn’t played an issue

Knock on wood, but I haven’t had an instance where I missed having the AUX cable. I suppose if I did find myself in that situation like maybe a car or something, the aforementioned speaker could probably play loud enough to get the job done 🙂

Face ID really speeds things up

Face ID has been really nice. They really kicked butt with this feature and in day-to-day usage it’s much faster than using your fingerprint.

The way it has played out, and I think for most people, is I wake my phone up to read a message. Stead of moving my finger down to hold and unlock and then click the message, I can just go straight to clicking the message. This shaves a few seconds off, but it feels incredibly fast and more natural.

Tap screen to wake

I must check my phone at least 100 times a day. With my previous iPhone 6S, I would typically do this while it was sitting on the desk, and often times I would end up unlocking the phone and missing out on what notifications were on the lock screen waiting for me.

The new iPhone X allows you to tap anywhere on the screen to wake it, which avoids unintended unlocks, and also makes it faster and more convenient to take those quick glances at your phone to see if you’ve missed any messages.

It’s a great phone!

Well, that concludes my summary of my first 30 days with the new iPhone X. Although it’s a bit pricey, I really enjoy the features it brings, and it has made running my business a little earlier to do when I’m mobile. If you are on a tighter budget, I think the iPhone 8 is probably a perfectly good phone as well for a lot of the same features mentioned above.

If you have the new iPhone X, leave a comment here and let us know what you think!

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