What Can You Say With a PSN Gift Card?

Do you have a talent for interpreting gifts? It’s very similar to the ability to interpret dreams, but instead of determining the meaning of a dream, you determine the meaning of a gift. Have you ever received a present that has you exclaiming in your mind, “What was he thinking?” Fortunately, gift-giving isn’t really such a mind boggler most of the time.

Among couples, gifts often carry a particular significance. Let’s not even get started on the different kinds or colors of flowers and their alleged meaning, or the appropriate presents for anniversaries. If truth be told, however, all gifts — no matter from whom, for whom, or what they are — say something.

Some people say that you don’t give a gift card when you want to make a statement. It’s just too impersonal, like you didn’t bother to put a lot of thought into it. That’s not accurate at all. People would be leery of giving a PSN gift card, for instance, if this were the case, and yet, it’s one of the most popular gift items given during the holidays.

People are happy to give and even happier to receive a PSN gift card. Why is that? What exactly does such a present convey? What do people mean to tell you when they give you a PSN card?

  • “I pay attention to your interests, so I know that you spend a lot of time on your PSP or PS Vita.” They took the time to get to know you and observe you, hence their conclusion that you would have use for a PSN card.
  • “I support you in the pursuit of your interests.” They might not be into video games themselves, but they encourage you to continue with your pastime. If they like playing themselves, then it indicates a sense of kindred spirit.
  • “I want you to have fun.” They know you like spending time on your video game console, so they hope that their present will allow you to continue enjoying yourself.
  • “I want you to have the chance to choose exactly what you want.” Instead of them choosing a game, movie, TV show, etc. for you, they want you to be able to get what you actually want.
  • “I think you’re cool.” They think that you’re the kind of person who can appreciate a gift card and make good use of it.

You can say various messages with a PSN card. It really depends on different factors such as context, shared history, etc. Whatever you mean to say, you can be certain that it always makes a very useful present.

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