Spotify Premium – Gift Card and Other Means of Access


Do you use Spotify? It’s an online music streaming service that many people appreciate. It has a free version and a premium one. While Spotify for free is great in itself,Spotify Premium has awesome exclusive features that many users want to access. What are these?

  • Spotify Mobile App – It’s available to everyone, but is really pretty much beneficial only to Premium members.
  • Ads – No more random pop-ups of audio and visual ads to bother you.
  • Search and play all you want – You can simply search for the song you want and play it.
  • Offline listening – You can download tracks for free and access them offline.
  • Better audio –You can access songs in a 320 kb/ps format instead of the 160 kb/ps one for free users.
  • Unlimited skips – You can listen to the same track over and over as well as skip songs as you wish.
  • Create and share playlist – You can create your own playlist that you can save in your account. You can also share it through social sites.

There are ways to access the paid Spotify Premium service for free, but you have to be careful which tips to follow. For instance, you should steer clear of Spotify Premium free code generators. They’re illegal and dangerous. They’ll require you to enter your details, which they’ll use for shady activities such as spamming you and installing malware in your system.

There are other similar options as well:

  • Hacked free Spotify Premium Android app is misleading since it doesn’t really offer any other perk than unlimited skips.
  • Time shifting capitalizes on a software bug in Spotify, giving you more than a year of free trial instead of seven days, but also exposing you to errors and the possibility of getting charged for the service.


Nonetheless, there are legit ways to get Spotify Premium for free or at a discount.

  • Spotify USA, which offers the best content, is currently offering the service at just 33 cents a month. You can get around the location restriction by using a Spotify Premium gift cardbought from a reputable online retailer like MyGiftCardSupply and a VPN.When the price reverts ($10 for a month; $30 for 3; and $60 for 6) and you don’t want to pay the standard fee, just cancel your subscription by clicking “Subscription” on the left side of your account page and then clicking “Cancel my subscription.”Should you want to continue to access the US site for the best content, you can keep on doing so with a Spotify Premium gift card and a VPN.
  • Free trials normally last seven days, but can be extended up to three or even six months. Some have also used multiple accounts to enjoy them much longer.
  • You can refer a friend and if they install the service, you get free access for a month.
  • If you install Spotify Premium with PlayStation, you only get to pay $2 for the service.
  • If you get the Spotify Family Pack for $15, up to five of your family members can access the service. That amounts to about $3 per user.
  • If you can verify that you’re a college student, you can get a 50 percent discount.

The thing you should know, though,is that Spotify has been running at a loss. It’s a great service, so why not patronize it in the right way by paying the fee asked?


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