6 Awesome Reasons to Buy iTunes Gift Card Now

How does Santa Claus do it, come up with gifts so amazingly perfect? Not to mention deliver them in the most spectacular fashion — down a chimney! Saint Nick may have the edge, seeing as he does give stuff away during the holidays. Also, people let him know what they actually want.

But Christmas is not the only time to give out gifts. From birthdays to anniversaries to a job promotion, you’re well out of ideas on what to give. Asking your beneficiaries what they want just spoils the surprise. What can iTunes gift cards do to turn you into the best gift giver?

Here are six awesome reasons to buy iTunes gift card now.

1. You give your recipient the power to choose what they really want.

ITunes gift cards are used to purchase books, movies, TV shows, and apps. So it’s not just going to give your recipient access to songs and albums.

2. It’s a neutral gift that will get anyone excited when they get it.

Forget the long and stressful process of choosing a gift for a girl or a guy. With an iTunes gift card, you can send it out to your sister or brother, a co-worker, or your parents.

3. You never have to take a chance on any specific gift.

Instead of being uncertain about picking up that new Mumford and Sons album or that new Stephen King book, you can just send an iTunes gift card, and not worry about choosing a music album or book your recipient might already have or might not actually like.

4. You can rest easy during the heaviest shopping time of the year.

It’s cool to get the cheapest stuff on Black Friday. It’s not so cool to unintentionally body check another shopper just so you can get that awesome gift for your loved one. Buy iTunes gift cards online and you never have to stress out or hurt someone at peak shopping seasons.

5. An iTunes gift card is the gift for any season.

Birthdays. Holidays. Graduations. ITunes gift cards work for any season; they can even become the perfect non-romantic but thoughtful Valentine’s gift for a co-worker who has been very helpful, or for your landlord who has been very nice.

6. It’s the ideal gift for that someone who seems to have everything.

If you’ve ever had trouble finding that perfect gift for someone who seems to have it all, the iTunes gift card would be a perfect item to give. That someone could get specific apps needed for work or for business.

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