Apple Music is here!

With the launch of iOS 8.4 today, Apple has officially launched its streaming music service to iPhone and iPad: Apple Music! To get the Apple Music app on your phone, all you need to do is upgrade your iOS version to 8.4.

To do this, open your Settings app, click General and then Software Update. Once your iOS version is updated to 8.4, you will see this new looking “Music” app on your phone:

When you open the new Apple Music app on your device, you will be prompted with this welcome screen:

This is where you’ll be prompted to start your free 3-month trial. This service gives you unlimited access to over 30 million songs! Although most of the library is limited to customers with a US iTunes account, you can still access the streaming service from over 100 countries. However, Apple does limit what artists you can stream outside of the United States.

Click “Start 3-month Free Trial” to begin trying Apple Music.

Once you have agreed to start your 3-month trial, you will need to chose if you want start an Individual or Family Account. The big difference between the two, besides the $4.99 USD price jump, is it allows you to share the Apple Music subscription with up to 6 family members. Learn more about Family Sharing here.

After you chose your subscription type, you will be officially launched inside Apple Music.

Apple Music gives you immediate access to thousands of artists, and over 3 million songs!

To pay for the Apple Music streaming service, you can use a US iTunes gift card along with your US iTunes account. Click the image below to browse our US iTunes gift cards.

All US iTunes gift cards from MyGiftCardSupply are delivered via email and sent typically within minutes after purchase.

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