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Save on Music and Movies with a US iTunes Card

Cut down on your expenses, but don’t cut out the experience.

When you are trying to cut down your monthly expenses, you have to look for areas that you can eliminate or reduce spending on. That may mean reducing the times you eat out, buy a frappe, or even watch movies at the cinema. Some people even go to lengths like cutting off their cable subscription. Does that mean that you can no longer enjoy your favorite movies and TV series or that you can no longer buy new music? No! Not when you have a US iTunes card. If you are planning to cut your cable subscription and limit the number of times you go to the cinema to watch the latest films, you can still enjoy watching movies and TV shows and purchase new music from the iTunes Store.

How exactly can you save if you choose to buy movies, shows and music on iTunes?

Remember that with a cable subscription, you are buying the right to access the channels that you want to view. With iTunes, you buy the movies, shows and music that you want and consume these as many times as you want to, anytime you want to. With cable, you have to wait until a good show or movie is scheduled to air and you might have to wait a long time until these are screened again. That means that you are paying a fixed monthly fee for a service that you might not be making full use of either because the movies and shows are no good or you simply catch these during your free time. Use a US iTunes card

But how do you purchase media on the US iTunes Store if you live outside of the United States?

For that, you will need a US iTunes card which will serve as your mode of payment. Take note that you will need an acceptable mode of payment to use in the iTunes market you are trying to access — in this case, the US iTunes market. You can’t make a purchase using PayPal or an international credit card.

Where do you purchase these gift cards?

You will need to purchase these gift cards from a reputable third party source because you can’t purchase these directly from the iTunes Store. Your chosen seller of these gift cards should allow you to make a safe and secure purchase. After buying the cards, the codes should be delivered quickly to you, usually through email. Afterwards, you can use the codes to buy music singles and albums, movies and even a full season for a TV show.

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