Beam Steam Games Anywhere In Your Home

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While you can play Steam games in front of your computer, there are times when you want to play them in front of your other devices as well. Once you acquire your Steam gift cards, is it possible to play games in any room?

The short answer is yes. And it all comes down to Steam Link, a product/software that you can use in order to beam the content from Steam directly to the desired target device. What makes Steam unique is that you have the possibility to use such a tool to stream everything to a supported device.

You need good internetSteam Thumbnail Image

You can’t expect yourself to stream games in your entire home without good internet connectivity. There are a lot of details that need to be sent quickly via your connection. Wired internet is the way to go here, but a strong router with fast internet speed will do just fine. While you can use the Steam Link hardware, the app is certainly more convenient. And just so you’re aware, there’s also a dedicated Steam app for your TV.

Fast setup process

You can set everything up from within the mobile app, and you’ll receive the guidelines and instructions there. But in general, it’s simply guiding you to pair the TV or mobile app as you see fit. So then all you need to do is purchase the games you want, (and you can always make those purchases with your Steam gift cards), and you’re good to go.

Automatic updates

One of the best things about Steam Link is that it updates automatically. The automatic updates happen with both the app and firmware. We like the fact that you can have a numeric PIN added, so not everyone can initiate the updates if that’s a concern of yours. You actually have to know a code to access, and once that happens, the updates are shared right away.

Streaming games in your home is always fun, and now you can use Steam Link to enjoy the experience everywhere in your home!

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