Amazon Launches Music Streaming Free Tier 

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We have some great news that will make you want to get some Amazon gift cards right away. Up until this point Spotify was the only music streaming service with a free tier. But Amazon is finally sharing a free tier for its music service. Prime Music is a part of Amazon Prime as of now, and the fact that you can access the top playlists and stations with an ad-supported version is very exciting. It helps a lot because you get to avoid paying for Spotify or Amazon if you want to go with random music every day.

Powerful features for growthAmazon Thumbnail

Apparently, music streaming is booming for Amazon. In fact it’s one of their most powerful features at this time and it’s continuing to grow constantly. Even if Amazon makes most of its money via the cloud computing division, investing in other services like music streaming is bound to help quite a lot. Since Amazon has some other features embedded in the process, it might end up bringing in more customers to their ecosystem as a whole, and that’s the type of thing that really matters for a lot of customers at this point. And if you live outside the US, you can check out shopping on Amazon from outside the US.

More interaction for users

The potential for Amazon is huge, especially since they have the Echo speaker and similar tools that can offer a new layer of interaction and features to the user. It’s safe to say that this is a great and powerful opportunity, one that people can use to test out new things and enjoy great features as they see fit.

Will this be a challenge for Spotify? Having a new service with similar features might make a dent in their customer base. But how, and whether Spotify will actually respond to this is hard to say. Yet the competition is there, which is always great for customers!


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