How to redeem your Google Play gift card on a PC, Mobile or Tablet.

From a Mobile or Tablet Device

1. Enter the Google Play store

2. Click the Menu (illustrated with three horizontal dashes)

3. Scroll down and click Redeem

4. Enter in your Google Play gift card code found in your email from MyGiftCardSupply

From a PC or Mac

1. Visit

2. Enter your Google Play Gift Card, and click Redeem.

How to Redeem your Google Play Card

Redeem while purchasing content from Google Play Store

1. During the checkout process, select the payment drop-down box.

2. Chose the option to redeem.

3. Enter your Google Play gift card code

4. Follow the remaining steps found on the page instructed by Google.

Having problems when redeeming?

A common error when trying to redeem a Google Play gift card from the US is the billing address on your Google Play account must match the country of the gift card. IF you’re using a Google Play gift card from MyGiftCardSupply, then it is a US card. Please change your account address country to United States, and then proceed with the redeem instructions above.


1. Sign in at

2. Click the gear icon in the upper right.

3. Go to the Home Address section and click Edit

4. Update your address to a US address, and click Save.


If you’re still having any issues redeeming a card or need support, please send an email to [email protected] or open a support ticket.

If you want to watch our YouTube video for How To Redeem a Google gift card, please view below:

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