World of Warcraft Game Card 60 Days (US) [Email Delivery]

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This WoW Game Card gives you a subscription to any World of Warcraft account for 60 days. Activate your subscription and begin playing immediately. Worldwide e-mail delivery.

MyGiftCardSupply is your source for World of Warcraft cards. If you’re looking to buy WoW cards but don’t want to pay outrageous prices, we carry prepaid gaming cards at lower rates that give you access to your World of Warcraft account.

World of Warcraft gift cards can be purchased using most major credit cards, PayPal, or wire transfers. Once purchased, we deliver your WoW card directly to your inbox via email delivery.

WoW Game Card FAQ

Once we receive your order, a staff member begins the processing immediately. After we have approved your purchase, you will be emailed a high resolution scanned image of your gift card.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers. Once your purchase is complete, we will quickly deliver your gift card to your email inbox.

Unlike some games, World of Warcraft do not have an offline mode. You need to have an active account with a subscription to play online with others. It is a virtual world that you can spend a lot of time playing and competing with others! A big part of the game is working with other people to accomplish missions and tasks.

Redeem your WoW game card on your desktop computer:

Login to your Blizzard account
Choose WoW Account under Your Game Accounts
Click Add Game Time Code
Enter your Wow game code and click Okay.

If you are having troubles redeeming your gift card, or need any other support related help please send an email to [email protected]

We do everything we can to make sure you have a great shopping experience and receive your gift card quickly.

WoW Game Cards give you a subscription to any World of Warcraft account for. Activate your subscription immediately. Worldwide e-mail delivery.