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Order your US Google Play cards here for quick and free email delivery. All of our US Google Play cards are 100% authentic and purchased from major retail stores in the United States. US Google Play cards can be used on your Android phone or tablet to purchase games, music, apps and more from the US Google Play store!

Use your US Google Play card towards millions of songs, movies, books, apps, and more from the Google Play store. Redeem on the Web or Android devices, no credit card needed. . Buy US gift cards for the Google Play store now; available in $10, $25 and $50 denominations.

All the entertainment you want is finally in one place on the Google Play Store. With Google Play you are able to choose from 675,000 apps and games, discover from the world’s largest eBookstore, browse millions of songs, enjoy the newest and greatest TV shows and movies, and even breeze through your favorite magazines.

Music on US Google Play

Discover the latest music hits from your favorite artists and genres with Google Play. Once you’ve redeemed your Google Play gift card, The Google Play store offers you personalized recommendations based on what you listen to most to help you discover great new music from millions of available tracks. Rediscover hidden gems in your music library by creating an Instant Mix of songs that play well together.

Google Play card with instant delivery

Movies and TV Shows on US Google Play

Tons of Movies and TV shows that are not available in other international stores, also at much cheaper prices. All TV Shoes and Music on the US Google Play store can be watched instantly streamed or purchased to your device for viewing later.

Most TV shows are updated very quickly and available within 24 hours of airing live. On US Google Play you are able to watch the purchases you make on your computer, tablet, or mobile Android devices.

Books on US Google Play Store

Purchasing books on the US Google Play is extremely easy. They have a great selection, which you can read on the web, or on your phone or tablet. The US Google Play store has over 4,000,000 titles available for instant download, with free samples of all books.

Reading on one device and switching to another is not a problem with Google Play, the cloud remembers your place and picks up right where you left off if you change devices. Sharing is also easy with US Google Play, with the option to share your reads via Google+, email, sms and more.

Magazines with US Google Play

Reading magazines you have the same benefits as books, with some benefits to digital over paper magazine subscriptions. You can purchase individual issues, back-issues, or subscribe monthly for instant delivery on release to your devices. US Google Play also offers you a free 30-day trial on all subscriptions, so you free to change your mind.

A lot of the magazines also offer interactive articles, which allow you to watch videos, click on links for more info, or even contact the companies directly if you’re interested.

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