YouTube is Returning to Amazon’s Fire TV

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It’s time to get your Amazon gift cards ready to go because YouTube is finally coming back to Amazon’s Fire TV. Lots of people have been asking for this feature for quite a while. It’s easy to see why, YouTube is extremely popular and not having it natively on Fire TV was a downside for many of its viewers.

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The reason why Amazon’s Fire TV didn’t have YouTube, is due to a feud between Amazon and Google. It’s a feud that’s been quite problematic for a long time. What was going on was that Google didn’t want to share access to YouTube on Fire TV without getting something in return, which completely makes sense.

Now they’re getting something in return. In exchange for this feature, Amazon will be adding Chromecast integration to the Prime Video mobile app. It’s the best of both worlds, all in a single package. It’s also important to note that Prime Video will be universally available on Android TV. Until now, it was available only on select devices.

YouTube on Amazon’s Echo Show

While Amazon’s Fire TV will be adding YouTube as one of their features, they won’t be adding it to their Echo Show. Who knows if this will change in the future. But it’s still nice to see that tech companies are working together and are coming up with creative ways to eliminate issues for the benefit of their customers. And for all you techies out there, there is a browser workaround that can be used as a way to access YouTube on the Echo Show. Also, for you music lovers out there, Amazon just released a free ad-supported music tier.

For now, there isn’t too much other commentary from other companies around the announcement of the return of YouTube to Amazon’s Fire TV. There were obviously comments way before this was announced, which discussed how the platforms were not very compatible. But either way, customers come out with the win because having YouTube on Amazon’s Fire TV is such a great feature!

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