What Makes the Xbox Giftcard the Ideal Gift for Gamers?


We all know about the continued competition between Sony’s PlayStation and Xbox, but what makes the Xbox the best option for real gamers?

For starters, the Xbox One offers backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games. It also boasts large expandable storage capability which makes it easy to expand the storage of the console. Some players would also dare say that Xbox One has one of the best gaming controllers. And compared to the PS4, the Xbox One has more exclusive games.

Apart from buying games in physical form, players can also purchase games through an Xbox Gift Card directly to online suppliers like MyGiftCardSupply. Additionally, an Xbox Digital Gift Card can be used for new map packs, songs and workouts for the games you already own. If you own an Xbox One, you can use the gift card to purchase your favorite apps.

These cards can be used with the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows, and let you not only shop games and items for games, you can also purchase premium entertainment, including HD movies, TV shows you are currently following, and sports, music and live events.

But, how to redeem them?redeem-your-gift-xbox-card

On your Xbox One, you can redeem the card by saying “Xbox, use a code.” If you
do not have Kinect, you should go to Games and then choose “Use a code.” You can either enter the code manually or use the Kinect sensor to read the QR code

On your computer, you can redeem the gift card by going to https://live.xbox.com/redeemtoken. When you get there, click the Redeem button, type in your code and then click Confirm.

On your phone, go to the Wallet app and then tap the Add button found at the bottom of the screen. Select Microsoft gift card and enter your code.

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