Watching Hulu From Around the World

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Watching Hulu From Around The World
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  • Hulu started in May, 2007
  • Hulu means “Gourd” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Hulu is only available in U.S. and Japan
  • Hulu is growing quickly, even adding twice as many subscribers as Netflix in 1Q 2019
  • 30.4 million paid subscribers by the end of 2019
  • The average age of a Hulu subscriber is 31
  • Hulu offers add-ons for HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime, Live TV and many other options.
  • Hulu + Live TV is currently supported by Apple TV (4th generation), Amazon Fire TV devices, Amazon’s Echo Show, Roku devices, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS and Android mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, select LG and Samsung TVs, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, Windows 10, Mac and PC browsers, and Chromecast.
  • 78% of Hulu’s viewing takes place in the living room
  • 59% of HULU viewers watched with a spouse, 31% watched with children, and 30% watched with friends and family in 2017.
  • Disney owns roughly 60% of Hulu,
  • Hulu carries over 3000 TV series, 85,000 episodes overall
  • Hulu can be watched outside of the USA with a US Hulu gift card and VPN.

Customers buying US Hulu cards by country (Source: MyGiftCardSupply)
1. Canada
2. Australia
3. United Kingdom
4. South Africa
5. Germany
6. Brazil
7. Iceland
8. Netherlands
9. Denmark
10. United Arab Emirates

Average age of people buying US Hulu gift cards: (Source: MyGiftCardSupply)
• 18-24 14%
• 25-34 38%
• 35-44 25%
• 45-54 13%
• 55+ 10%

Gender of people buying US Hulu Gift Cards (Source: MyGiftCardSupply)
• Male 69%
• Female 31%


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