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When you begin shopping for digitally delivered gift cards online, you will notice that credit cards are not always among the top payment methods preferred both by merchants and consumers. Credit cards offer a few distinct advantages over other payment methods. For one, credit cards are widely accepted by both offline and online sellers. Second, many credit card companies offer their clients consumer protection. Third, a credit card can help shield you from fraud when you are purchasing online. But what if you are residing outside of the United States and you want to purchase music, apps, movies, TV shows or games from the American iTunes store?

Can you use your credit card?

Before answering this question, there are a few important details that you might want to learn more about. For starters, you should be aware that there is no single global iTunes store. Instead, there are several iTunes stores for different countries/regions in the world. Although each store has a wide selection of content, the American iTunes store ranks as one of the best stores (if not the best store) in terms of the range, availability of content, and price. Now, if you reside outside of the United States, one of the barriers that you will immediately face is the fact that you cannot use a local credit card issued from another country, an international credit card or even PayPal. One way to overcome that problem is to look for relative or friends living in the United States and ask them to help you with the content you want to purchase. Use an US iTunes gift card from anywhere in the world.

But what if you do not know anyone residing in the United States?

Does that mean that your credit card has been rendered useless and you cannot buy content from the US iTunes store?┬áNot exactly. There’s a way for you to get around this conundrum: buy iTunes gift card online with credit card. How can that help you?

In order to make a purchase from the US iTunes store, you need two things: a US address and a payment option that is acceptable to the US iTunes store.

For the first, you can simply use a friend or relative’s US address or find online services that allow you to get a US address and follow our tutorial on creating a US iTunes account. For the latter, you can use a gift card bought from a reputable third party merchant that accepts credit cards to finance your purchase.

Making your purchase using a US iTunes gift card is the most convenient.

iTunes gift cards contain codes that can be delivered to you online via email. Once you receive your code, you can use it to pay for the content that you would like to buy using the “Redeem” link on the US iTunes store. Let us know if you need help with either step of this process, and if you want to shop our iTunes gift cards directly, please see the links below.

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