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Can I Email an iTunes Gift Card?

Did you hear about a good movie or album that you’re unable to find in your iTunes store? Contrary to what some people believe, there is more than one iTunes store. In fact, each country/region has its own iTunes store. If you cannot find the movie or the album you’re looking for, it’s quite possible it is just not available in your local country’s iTunes store.

But wait… there’s a solution!

While the US iTunes store offers the largest variety and the earliest release dates, there are a few conditions you must meet before you are able to access the United States iTunes store. The American iTunes store is considered by many as the best for two key reasons. For one, this iTunes store gets first dibs on apps, music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and e-books. Some of these do not even reach the iTunes stores of other countries. And if you are residing outside the United States, you may have to wait a long time before you get your hands on these. Another reason why the American iTunes store remains practically peerless is the overall quality of the content. Visit forums and you will notice some users saying that the content, especially movies and TV shows from the American store, has a better quality compared to those purchased from the iTunes stores in other countries. Does this mean that you have to wait a long time before buying the content you want for your Apple device? What if the content you are hoping to buy does not even reach the virtual shelf of your country’s iTunes store? The simplest and best solution is to create an account in the American iTunes store. With the convenience of email delivery, you receive your gift card quickly to your inbox. But doing that is not as simple as changing your registration. You will need a few important things.

Creating an iTunes account to access the US iTunes Store

First, you must have an American address. In order to secure one, you can simply ask for the address of a relative or friend living in the United States and ask permission to use it for the creation of your American iTunes account. Alternatively, there are some websites which can provide you with a US address which you can use for the creation of an account with the American iTunes store. Access the US iTunes Store Next, you will need a payment platform that is acceptable in the American iTunes store. Take note that you cannot use an international credit card or PayPal for this. Again, you can request someone residing in the US to pay for your purchases. Or you can simply buy an iTunes gift card from a trusted seller like MyGiftCardSupply. These gift cards are available in different denominations and are delivered electronically via email. Once you receive your gift card, you can then redeem it on iTunes and purchase the content that’s on your wish list. “Can I email an iTunes gift card?” You can. Plenty of people who purchase from MyGiftCardSupply use these gift cards as gifts to friends and loved ones for different occasions. Because of the ubiquity of iPhones and iPads, these gift cards make an ideal present for just about everyone. If you already have a US iTunes account and need to add money to your account, use these quick links below.

iTunes Cards with Email Delivery

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