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How to Sign Up for Hulu Plus Outside US

Watching a TV series has long been a favorite leisure activity for millions of people across the globe. There’s nothing like settling into your comfy couch at the end of a long work day or during the weekend, with a snack or a drink (or both) next to you on the coffee table, and the remote control on your hand, and spending an hour or two on episodes of your beloved shows. TV programs have certainly come a long way — today, you are sure to find several series that can sate your appetite for various genres (drama, comedy, horror, fantasy, crime, documentaries, and such). Thanks to innovative writers and directors, compelling casts, and skilled production teams, TV series now offer more diverse plots and higher quality storytelling.

A better viewing experience

With the emergence of streaming and video on demand services, there’s no longer any need for anyone to watch only one episode per week. These services enable viewers to access entire seasons soon after the shows’ release dates. This means you can enjoy your shows several episodes, or even entire seasons, at a time. However, not all streaming services are available across the globe. The American company Hulu, for instance, offers television on demand only to audiences in the United States in Japan. If you live outside of the US and Japan but wish to experience the benefits of a Hulu Plus membership, then there’s a great way to go about it. The key is to sign up for Hulu Plus outside US using a prepaid Hulu gift card from a reputable third-party provider.

Quality and convenience

You can buy a Hulu gift card from MyGiftCardSupply in various denominations: 1 month ($7.99), 3 months ($23.97), 6 months ($47.94), or $25-$50. These cards allow you to enjoy your Hulu membership as much as you want. Upon securely purchasing your chosen card from the provider’s site, your gift card will then be digitally scanned and sent to you via email — it often only takes a few minutes after purchase to arrive. The card has no expiration date so you can use it anytime to upgrade to Hulu’s premium Plus membership service. You will then be granted up-to-date access to all the TV shows within Hulu, commercial-free. That’s a large number of shows from networks like Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and USA, along with others like FX, E!, Bravo, Style, Syfy, and Sundance. What’s more, you can stream Hulu Plus from various devices — your standard TV, Apple iPhone, Apple TV, XBox, Roku and more. Android and iOS tablets can be used to stream Hulu Plus. It's so easy, even Tom Cruise can do it!

How does redemption work?

You can redeem your gift card through the following steps: • Log into your account by visiting the Redeem Your Gift Card Page: • Look to the right half of the screen; when you see a section for entering a 12-digit gift card code, type in the code from your emailed gift card, then click Redeem. • You will then be led to a page where you must enter a US zip code. If you don’t have one or don’t want to use your personal one, simply choose a popular one (such as 90210). • Finally, click Start my subscription. With a Hulu Plus gift card, you can look forward to more relaxing moments spent in front of the TV or on your mobile device, enjoying your favorite TV shows.
Hulu Gift Cards via Email

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