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The Top 10 Apple Arcade Games you have to play

Gaming subscriptions are becoming very popular and it makes a lot of sense for Apple to share its Apple Arcade at this time. The cost is $5 per month and you get lots of games. Plus you can share them with 5 other people in your family, which is pretty nice. And you can definitely get iTunes cards for this as it’s very enticing and interesting.

Great games on Apple Arcade

There are a ton of fun games that you can play right now in the Apple Arcade. We created a simple top 10 list for you to figure out which ones you might want to try out.
  1. Overland is a survival type game where you need to do all you can in order to survive and stay alive for as much time as possible.
  2. Bleak Sword is a black and white, pixelated Dark Souls with a world full of zombies and bats.iTunes Thumbnail Image
  3. Skate City is a very fun and intuitive skateboarding game with intense gameplay and some great locations to explore.
  4. Where Cards Fall is a puzzle game that has a plethora of exploration in it as well.
  5. Mini Motorways is a follow up to Mini Metro and you’ll need to connect roads around the city and ensure everything works to the best of its ability.
  6. Sayonara Wild Hearts has everything you want, and in this case, this is a music styled arcade action game. It’s fun and very challenging to play.
  7. Grindstone is a puzzle adventure game where you will need to eliminate monsters from the road to win the game.
  8. Card of Darkness has an amazing gameplay where it combines dungeon crawling with solitaire in a creative manner. It’s very challenging and fun, a pleasure to play and certainly worth your time.
  9. Cricket Through the Ages is a fun game because you get to explore humanity’s history through the eyes of a cricket player. It’s a funny sketch game with tons of character.
  10. Assemble with Care requires you to repair all kinds of stuff in order to keep the business afloat. It’s very good and creative!

Lots of new games coming too

These are only a few of the top games that you can play right now on Apple Arcade. Apple is committed to the idea of adding new games to their service all the time, so you can prepare your iTunes cards and enjoy the experience knowing there’s more to come. That goes to show that Apple is committed to the gaming world and the features added here are very interesting. If you want to play mobile games without ads or microtransactions, this is actually a great subscription!

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