How Stephen Uses US iTunes cards in Canada

My name is Stephen, and I want to tell you a little about who I am, and how I use my US iTunes gift cards from MyGiftCardSupply.

Currently, I live in Vancouver, Canada. It’s a big city, but there are about 700 thousant people that live here. I was born and raised here, and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

It’s an expensive city to live, but there is always something to do, and the people are incredibly friendly.

In Canada I work at a bicycle repair shop, which means I get to see a lot of different bikes. In addition to working on bikes, we listen to a lot of music. One of the biggest benefits of the US iTunes gift card is it’s ability to subscribe to the US Spotify service. I could go directly and buy a Spotify gift card, but I chose to pay for my subscription directly through iTunes, which makes it a bit more convenient.

I work downtown, and I also live downtown, so I don’t have far to commute at the beginning and the end of the day.

I found MyGiftCardSupply about 9 months ago when I was searching for a way to download a movie that wasn’t available in the Canadian iTunes store. I heard from a friend that thought it would be possible to buy this on the US iTunes store, so I decided I would so some research.

When I started my search, I didn’t realize just how easy it would be!

After reading a quick tutorial on how to create a US iTunes account, I was up an running in just a couple minutes, and since I was already on the MyGiftCardSupply website, I was only a few clicks away from purchasing an iTunes card.

I wasn’t sure how exactly it would work since my PayPal account has Canadian currency and the prices were in USD, but I quickly learned as soon as I logged into PayPal it was going to handle that currency conversion for me automatically! This was extremely easy.

After my purchase, it only took about 30 seconds for my email to arrive with a 16 digit code which was my US iTunes code. There was a link right on the page for me to redeem the gift card to my account, click, and done.

I opened my iTunes app on my Apple TV and saw I had a balance of $50! In addition to that, they had the movie I was looking for in the US iTunes store and I was able to buy that in HD with just one click.

The thing I like most about MyGiftCardSupply since becoming a loyal customer last year is probably the easy of use to make a purchase, and the speed of delivery. Everytime I purchase, no matter what time of day, I get my order within 20-30 seconds. They even have an option to deliver the my order confirmation to my cell phone so I never miss the verification.

Thank you MyGiftCardSupply for creating this service and allowing me to enjoy the full entertainment available on my iPhone!

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